How to learn more about speed signs and ways to follow them

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How to learn more about speed signs and ways to follow them

The primary causation factor of crashes around the globe is ignoring your speed sign and driving too fast for the conditions. Not following the radar speed limit sign is the number one road safety problem that results in one-third of the fatal crashes and aggravates most other types of crashes. The most commonly used methods to manage a speeding driver on any road are the normal posted speed limits. These speed limit signs are of mainly two types, advisory speed signs that recommend a maximum speed for a corner of the road and regulatory speed signs that one should not exceed.

Types of speed signs

The absence of your speed sign on the road is not an indication that speed limits do not apply. In India, the default speed allowed on urban roads is 50 kmph, and the default for an open road is 80 kmph. These speed limits vary even in their environments with a lot of variations. The regulatory speed signs are the ones that have black numbers in a red circle. Advisory speed signs have a yellow background with black letter numbers on them. Both of these signs nowadays also come as a radar speed limit sign that helps control traffic in an area.

The regulatory signs usually have multiple speed limits in multiples of 10 kmph like 10, 20, 30, and so on till 100 kmph. Your speed sign in a residential area may sometimes also have them as five kmph or 15kmph. The advisory radar speed limit sign usually has speeds ending in increments of 5 kmph like 15, 25, 35, and so on. They are placed at strategic locations to provide information to the driver to control their speed, like before a crest or curve in the road. They are also used to calm the traffic in an area.

Usage of these speed signs

Your speed sign that one normally comes across is the one placed near a school or a hospital. Such a radar speed limit sign is sometimes used for a period of time, like in the morning and when school gets over. Other places that use these signs are zones that see a lot of pedestrian traffic crossing the road as well as vehicles. Road works are another area that uses these signs to control the traffic, as do many residential areas. Variable speed limit signs are also used on tunnels, bridges, freeways, etc., to manage the traffic.


Your speed sign needs to be placed strategically to help control traffic and the speed of the drivers. Car accident fatalities increase proportionally when individuals worldwide go beyond the posted speed limits of any area. Even lower speeds can kill if the driver does not have ample time to stop. A radar speed limit sign provides prior information to the driver to adjust their speed as per the zone and drive safely. There are many legal deterrents in the law to avoid speeding, like fines and jail terms, but the best way is not ‘Overspeed.’

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