Cloudways Vs Siteground Compare in 2022

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About Cloudways Vs Siteground

The Main Features of Cloudways Hosting

  • Free 1-Click SSL Certificate app (all Programs )
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Free Migration
  • Build-in CDN  Cloudways has custom CDN
  • Infinite application installation
  • Team Management
  • Dedicated Firewalls
  • Automatic Backups
  • 24/7 Tracking
  • Espresso Surroundings
  • Optimized with Innovative caches (caching)
  • Auto Healing
  • HTTP/2 Enabled Servers
  • VPS standard offerings
  • Regular security patching
  • SSH and SFTP Accessibility
  • All cloud-based dedicated server environments
  • Free Trial without a card

Pricing : Cloudways Vs Siteground Reddit

The pricing is a critical factor that helps decide the ideal web hosting service. This is especially true when you’re a new digital marketer, blogger, or online entrepreneur who’s unwilling to invest a considerable amount initially. So, let us take a look at the various pricing strategies of the Cloudways and SiteGround to choose which is best for you.


Cloudways’ are very affordable, starting at just $10 per month and going up to $80 per month. Together with Cloudways, you have the unique advantage of features like free SSL and $1 CDN Add ons bundled with each of their programs. This is great for amateur users because they can spend a few dollars every month without worrying about renewal fees.


SiteGround allows three different managed shared hosting programs, as well as the pricey cloud hosting plans. Shared hosting plans are cheap, but in my estimation, it doesn’t warrant the eye-watering renewal fees.

Winner — Cloudways

There is no competition here. It’s very obvious here that Cloudways is the obvious winner as it offers”pay as you go” monthly programs with no concealed or renewal fees.

Cloudways Page Loading Speeds : Cloudways Vs Siteground Hosting

Cloudways has worked tirelessly to ensure fast page loading rates for all its customers. They’ve undertaken several steps and procedures to ensure high performance for your Site, such as:

A committed surroundings: servers around Cloudways have dedicated cloud host tools, taking away the common issues that include shared hosting cloud hosting.

SSD- based Hosting, 3 x Quicker, thus, reducing page load times on your sites.

Constructed Advanced Caches (caching)

PHP 7 Ready Servers — Significantly quicker than its predecessor

CloudwaysCDN — An easy yet powerful service that delivers outstanding functionality
Auto-Healing Managed Cloud Servers

Free WordPress Cache Plugins (free plugins for WordPress websites contained in programs )

Redis Support

Free Magento Total Page Caching

Pre-configured PHP-FPM Dramatically speeds up your site and enhances page loading times
Utilizing HTTP/2 Supported Servers

Siteground Page Loading Speed : Cloudways Vs Siteground

SiteGround is known worldwide for its quick page loading rates. It utilizes servers that have been specifically assembled with website levels in your mind.

SiteGround benefit from all of the latest available hardware and software to dramatically improve page loading rates and website functionality, for example:

SSD pushes for their cloud and shared hosting platforms.
Application Optimizations.
They’ve partnered with Cloudflare to provide a Complimentary CDN.
Particular SuperCacher technology.
Nginx employed in combination with web server applications to cache and accelerate delivery of static content.

If the digital entrepreneurs or website buyers are asked, then there is hardly anything they value over their website. The security of something so imperative to the client is surely something the hosts must definitely remember. Thus, let us check the security that the 2 hosts provide to comprehend how badly they take the security of your site.

Speed & Uptime : Cloudways Vs Siteground Hosting Uptime

If your site stays down the majority of the time because of server difficulties, it’ll be a substantial annoyance. Let us see that supplier is better in this standards.


Cloudways comes with a unique reputation for no listed downtime at a very long time.

Additionally, it has auto-healing technology suggesting that servers may automatically restart if any problems happen. Being powered by the Google cloud system helps its servers remain online 24/7.


Its hosting service can be powered by Google Cloud, helping them in supplying a completely redundant scene with industry-leading safety practices. They also have great uptime evaluations.

SiteGround warrants uptime levels of 99-100%. In addition they have the auto-healing technologies such as Cloudways, but we’d undergone a few downtimes that people do not want to meet

This is a near one. Both solutions are exceptional in this respect, and you can’t go awry with . However, Cloudways still strikes a narrow win by pledging no downtime. Even though SiteGround’s uptime evaluations will also be leading, 99.97% remains under a perfect 100% uptime document, which just Cloudways will guarantee.

WordPress Features : Cloudways Vs Siteground

With nearly one-third of the entire sites and blogs present online running on WordPress, it is nearly inevitable that if comparing two companies on the conditions of hosting, an individual would neglect that point. WordPress optimization is something which needs special reference, and so, I want to put on the comparisons here.


This hosting company comes with highlights such as Thunderstack, which ensures the best rate for a WordPress site. Thus obtaining a faster rate compared to other hosts. Additionally, the business has a free cache plugin for the WordPress sites, namely Breeze.

Notifications are important for any blogger or site owner so that they can react to almost any matter immediately. The same is availed and nicely defended by CloudwaysBot, which is provided by the business.


SiteGround awards winning hosting packages for WordPress. Automated WordPress installation, SG Optimizer cache plugin, patch against WordPress-related exploits are a few of the best WordPress optimized features of SiteGround.

Winner — Both

CDN Feature : Cloudways Vs Siteground hosting

Are you currently using a content-heavy site? Well, then you need to take a look at the Content Delivery Networks. The content delivery system, popularly called CDN, aids in providing content around the world.

A fantastic CDN would indicate that you wouldn’t need to await long to get your site up in any region of the planet. Let us see who one of Cloudways and SiteGround wins this challenging battle.


Cloudways offer fairly decent CDN. The business has the greatest number of places, making it more acceptable for each and every user. The more economical variant from Cloudways enables the host to offer the support to more customers than the other rivals


It guarantees to supply clients with high quality media. In the last few decades, the business has started supplying CDN providers through Cloudflare, but the choices available with SiteGround is far lesser compared to the Cloudways.

Winner : Cloudways

Cloudways Vs Sitground Compare Review in Security

Cloudways is resolved to be certain that your website remains safe and secured and to create the exact feasible. The company provides the customers with Regular OS spots to avoid vulnerability, OS-level firewalls to filter traffic out, 1-click free SSL installation for improved web protection, Two-factor authentication for additional security, along with IP whitelisting for unrestricted access to SFTP and SSH. All these features collectively, make your site more secure than that which you would have thought or requested of.


They do attempt to keep the variations of all of the applications that’s rendering database providers (FTP, SMTP, IMAP/POP3, HTTP, HTTPS) up to date with the newest security patches. They’re always monitoring for vulnerabilities in the most well-known apps and modules.

Whenever possible, they market virtual patches in the kind of WAF rules (Web application firewall). They warrant that users’ information is obtained only by trusted private on demand by following strict policies, plus they maintain detailed records for this access.

Perversely, the above is not always sufficient. Most web programs expect constant focus and upgrades to remain protected from the most recent security threats.

Winner — Cloudways

Cloudways Customer Reviews and Support

Cloudways offers a wonderful customer support service to its users, so should you ever run into any issues you may make sure you will have the ability to talk to somebody who can help you. The fastest way to get in touch is by way of their live chat support service, which can be available 24/7, 365 days a year, which means that you may quickly talk to one of their experts whenever you want to.

In case you have a more complex issue, you may use the online ticketing support system wherever your question or issue is going to be monitored on line as one of their specialists’ functions on it. You can submit your own tickets, or speak to one of the staff and they will create a ticket for you.

If you prefer to communicate with the support team by telephone, then there’s a premium service add on which permits you to speak on the telephone using a Senior Support Engineer at any time.

If you need help with something simple, then you are able to take advantage of this Cloudways Knowledge Base where you can discover answers to FAQs and frequent issues without having to contact assistance. There’s also a site full of helpful articles, as well as a community forum where you are able to ask questions and get assistance from the peers.

The Advantages of Using Cloudways

Cloudways provides free SSL certificates Using their hosting plans.
SSL certificates may be added to a website with just one click.
Cloudways offer you a totally free trial, without the need to hand over your card information to try it out.
Cloudways offer automatic or on-demand backups for you site, and backups can be restored at any time with just one click.
Fast page loading speeds for your site with SSD- based hosting on PHP 7 prepared servers.
Effortless to use control panel.
Unlimited applications on all plans.
Cloudways offers cheap’pay as you go’ plans, which means you only pay for everything you will need to use.
There are 5 different cloud hosting services to choose from.

Why Choose Cloudways Over SiteGround?

Superfast Servers — SiteGround will never be as quickly as Cloudways. You may check our site speed performance in GTMetrix.

Top-Notch Performance — Cloudways provides dedicated tools to take care of high-traffic. It is not possible through the shared hosting program of SiteGround. No such feature is available in SiteGround, you need to stick with the adjusted plan.

Cloud Servers — You now have a choice to select from 5 cloud hosting servers in Cloudways. No chance to choose your preferred cloud server at SiteGround.

Intuitive Interface — Cloudways includes a custom construct control panel to manage all the server configurations such as a pro; no prior knowledge required. In SiteGround, you need to deal with the conventional cPanel interface; So, no refreshing texture.

Global Presence — In Cloudways, the server could be deployed in some of the 25+ Datacenters around the world whereas, with SiteGround, you are able to do exactly the same on only 5 global centers and remaining are Cloudflare CDN locations.

Sever Update — You will get the flexibility to scale the server dimensions in Cloudways according to the website traffic growth and it’s hopeless with SiteGround.

High Storage — Cloudways provides 160GB storage in its $80 program and in SiteGround, you will become just 40GB space in the same $80 handled cloud hosting plan.

No Renewal Price — As you may make the payment each month in Cloudways, there’s no renewal price here. This is not the case with Siteground, you have to fulfill a high renewal price every year.

Service — Reaching the Cloudways support is simple through email, live chat, and community supervisor is highly active. They do live webinars for your betterment and are very supportive. You cannot expect this much support level in SiteGround.

Final Thoughts Cloudways Vs Siteground

As per our every test and review Cloudways Vs Siteground Winner is Cloudways

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