Best Hostinger Vs Siteground Comparison 2023

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Hostinger Vs Siteground Comparison Who is Best?

Well, while developing a website it’s crucial to decide on web hosting. There are plenty of hosting providers available, each with different prices, features, security standards, and much more. It becomes difficult to choose the one which gives the best user experience and performance. Selecting the wrong web hosting provider directly affects your website and the user traffic you get.

Here, in this article, we will discuss the two most popular web hosting providers namely Hostinger and Siteground. It will cover everything you must know before making your purchasing decision on any of the web hostings.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service that lets you publish your website on the internet and is accessible through the world wide web. A web hosting provider is a business that gives the services, and technology to get the best user experience.

In this process, your website will be stored in the server so that any user searching on the internet from anywhere will get access to it. Their computer will be connected to the hosting server and can experience the website easily. Basically, you are purchasing the space in the hosting provider for your website and storing the files, and important information.

You need to choose a plan as per your requirement, there would be many with different offers. Along with features, logo design, layout, and performance of the website, hosting is also important.

Types of web hosting

If you are a beginner then must know the various types of web hosting. Don’t be in a rush to choose the hosting provider, before that make sure you know which suits the most. There are multiple types of it and each has different offers to you. Almost all the hosting providers give all types of hosting services to you. But based on your demand, you need to choose one.

#1. Shared hosting

shared hosting

One of the most basic and widely used types of web hosting. Specifically, for small businesses, it’s the best solution. Some bloggers, or who have simple use of the website can opt for this. Shared hosting is the very cheapest hosting.

As the name suggests, shared hosting means the resources will be shared with other websites from a single server. As the resources are being split, that’s the reason it’s the cheapest one. However, each website will have limited resources as per the plan only.

#2. Dedicated hosting

Another important type of web hosting. As the name implies, in this type you will get an entire service for your website. You will have complete control over the server. All the benefits come with paying a higher amount than any other type. Dedicated web hosting is one of the most expensive ones.

It will be chosen by only those who have more advanced requirements and get user traffic every day. Even a high level of technical expertise is also needed to control the entire server on its own.

#3. VPS hosting

VPS stands for virtual private server. It’s a middle ground between the shared and dedicated servers. When you don’t need a dedicated server but want all control over it then this is the best solution. That means you will get the cost benefits of shared hosting and the service of dedicated hosting. In this type, your website will still be shared with the other website from a single server.

In this current era full of high tech and digitalization, it is a crucial key to choose the best web hosting to perform online endeavors. A reliable, budget-friendly, and well-performed web hosting company is necessary to launch your eCommerce store or website. Indeed, finding such a platform is a huge challenge, because not known names in the industry can offer the right set of choices. So research is the key before selecting any company, especially in the areas of value for money, user experience, hosting provider’s affordability, and customer support.

In this guest post, you will find a detailed comparison of Hostinger Vs SiteGround, two big names in the industry. In the domain of services, pricing, uptime, speed, and customer service there is a detailed discussion mentioned below.  It will help you to choose the best hosting provider for your company. Here are,

Hostinger Vs Siteground Services :

  • Both are well-known names in the industry and offer the best services for your website. Currently, both firms are offering services in vastly different areas. Hostinger currently offers web hosting, VPS hosting, Minecraft server hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, email hosting, CMS hosting, eCommerce hosting, free website hosting, website builder, cheap web hosting, buy hosting, windows cps, and web design services.
  • Whereas if we see site ground, currently offers WordPress hosting, woo-commerce hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, enterprise hosting, domain names, web hosting for agencies, and student hosting. So one can avail of services from the mentioned domains from respective organizations.

Hostinger Vs Siteground Pricing :

  • In almost every decision, before choosing any platform, one of the important factors to check is the price. So here is a comparison of price between both webs hosting companies, hostinger, and siteground. As per the price range, the usual conclusion says that hostinger is better than Siteground because Siteground is not flexible enough for the range of packages.
  • You can have an idea of the price range of both by the following the first-month price of siteGround is $5.95 and hostinger charge $3.49 for its premium package. If we compare the price range in the long run like for 3 months, so Hostinger charges $26.52, and siteground does not have any plan for an extended period.
  • As per the observation of both, it is found that Hostinger has various pricing options and cheaper than siteground.

Hostinger Vs Siteground Uptime :

There is no single chance of downtime being bearable for any organization. Even if you are a multinational corporation or an amateur blogger. Because A single downtime can lead to a considerable effect on your revenues. It also hurts your website’s reputation as a user gets dissatisfied and does not visit your online platform again. If we discuss for SiteGround and hositnger, both provide a 100% uptime guarantee. But for siteground you may face negligible downtime in long run.

Hostinger Vs Siteground Speed :

One of the most crucial features is speed. The user rates speed on the top of the game for your online platform user does not want to wait when he visits you’re your eCommerce website and eCommerce.

It should load in a sec or two because no matter how rich features you have on your website if there is no high speed so the user will switch from your site. As per the comparison of both web hosting providers, it is declared that Hostinger has more speed than siteground.

Therefore, Siteground response time is 464ms while hostinger time is 88ms which is 5 times lesser than siteground.

Hostinger Vs Siteground Customer Support :

Speed, pricing, and uptime cannot do complete satisfaction alone. The major aspect is customer support. It can bag any company a big loss or win so having a competent and willing customer support team is necessary.

Your team must know how to fix the technical issues that come up during the day because there should be no compromise on customer support.

If we talk about Hostinger and SiteGround, here is the major difference mentioned for both,

Hostinger customer support

They provide live chat support 24/7, no matter whether you are on with the area of their website the live support is accessible. Additionally, the response time is quite fast, the customer does not need to wait too long.

Moreover, customers can fill General inquiry form if they want special customer support. There are tutorials on their websites for small technical troubles

SiteGround Customer Support

It has equally reliable customer support that will be available 24/7 for you anywhere. They have live chat support and a ticketing system. Their representatives are blindly trustable to help you whenever you need it.

Hostinger vs siteground Comparison

Let’s discuss the comparison of the most popular web hosting platform.

#1. Pricing

Pricing is always an important thing that every website owner will look for before purchasing any web hosting plan. Siteground has more options than the hostinger but is also expensive. 

Hostinger plan pricing
Hostinger plan prices

However, both platform has cheaper solutions for the cheaper shared hosting plans specifically designed for blogger and small business. In Hostinger, a simple shared plan starts from $0.99/mo, and the higher one is $3.99/mo.

For the siteground, it starts from $3.95/mo and goes till $11.95/mo. For each price, you will get a different service and access level. Once your plan gets completed, you need to nearly double the amount in hostinger while in the siteground it will be triple the initial price.

Therefore, it’s completely the website owner’s choice of which plans they want to purchase based on the requirement they have.

#2. Speed

Speed is always important when you develop a website. No matter how well you have designed a website but without proper web hosting, your website will suffer from speed. Users won’t wait for more than 2-3 seconds to get your site load.

Although you have a very appealing design on the website but are unable to load it perfectly, you won’t get much user traffic.

The response time of the hostinger web hosting is 88ms whereas it’s 464ms for siteground. Additionally, hostinger is much faster than the siteground. Hostinger always gets a higher point than the siteground when it comes to speed.

#3. Security

Security is always a concern for the developers. Today, as the number of cyberattacks is increasing, this should be properly managed. The importance of website security is something that should be taken carefully.

Siteground is much more secure compared to the hostinger. Siteground has five data centers on three different continents with all security standards. Whereas, hostinger has seven data centers and has a custom firewall.

Siteground has on-demand backups whereas hostinger has a weekly or daily backups facility. Siteground runs the current version of PHP so that all the security patches can be applied.

#4. Customer support

It’s important to provide better customer support. While controlling the server, users may find difficulties and at that time, you must be ready to serve them. Siteground provides 24/7 customer support with live chat and phone support along with a multi-language option. While hostinger also has 24/7 live chat and ticket support. Both the web hosting providers offer customer support, but the siteground will be much ahead in the race.

Conclusion: Who is Best Among Hosting Vs Siteground

With the detailed comparison of Hostinger Vs Siteground, you can have a clear picture in the area of services, pricing, speed, uptime, and customer support of both web hosting companies. But Hostinger is the better option between both.

Well, both are the best companies in the industry but when it comes to the best features with services in the small price range then Hostinger is the best one.

Undeniably, your web hosting decides the overall user experience of the website. You should find the most suitable and best hosting for your website. As discussed above, decide the most appropriate web hosting type for your website depending on the demand. The comparison discussed lets you understand which one is the best hosting platform to opt for.

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