How To Be Sure You Have Found a Good Halfway House in Dallas

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Are you looking for a good halfway house in Texas? In that case, you do not have to look too hard because halfway houses are easily available here. People in Texas who have been discharged from rehabs will find staying in a halfway house useful. These are facilities which help addicts recover faster by providing them with a stable, drug-free environment to reside in.

Finding halfway houses in Dallas, Texas, becomes easier when you take the help of an online directory that lists locations of sober living in the state. These temporary residential facilities are crucial for an addict’s treatment because they prevent relapses. Relapses are most common in the initial days after discharge. Being in a halfway house prepares an addict to adjust to his new life and helps him get back on his feet. But not all sober living homes are reliable; know the things to look out for before checking into these.

Red flags of an inferior halfway house in Dallas:

  • If the halfway house asks you to give them all your belongings, you should consider this as a red flag. You should be prepared to have your belongings searched by them but they cannot confiscate anything except banned items. For instance, they can only take away drugs or alcohol, mouthwash containing alcohol, cough medicines, etc. They should never ask you for your personal ID, phones, and credit cards.
  • Never trust a halfway house that does not ask you to pay your rents. When staying in these sober living facilities, you are expected to find a job to pay for your rent. If it does not ask for rents, it probably indicates it is committing insurance fraud. Once they have taken in you as a resident, they will start charging your health insurer with false claims.
  • Avoid being in halfway houses which do not conduct routine drug and alcohol tests to check for sobriety. Ideally, tests should be done every week to make sure none of the residents engage in substance abuse. If some inmates continue to use drugs, others are at risk of relapse. 
  • Another point to remember is not to choose a halfway home which does not enforce strict rules or curfew hours. If you are not being asked to respect deadlines, perform chores, volunteer or attend the 12-step programs, you should feel warned.
  • A house without a manager is not conducive to recovery. As a recovering addict, you must never choose a facility like this. The house manager is usually a past addict who is responsible for maintaining peace and stability in the house. In the absence of one, there is no enforcement of rules, drug tests, and the house will be unkempt and disorganized. Residents will be at greater risk of giving into their cravings.

Knowing these red flags will help you choose a quality sober living in Dallas, Texas. You should read reviews and feedback posted by past residents to make sure the house offers what you need to recover faster. This means having proper house rules, a good house manager, clean and hygienic living conditions, etc.

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