Mom Side Hustle : Making Money Stay At Home

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Single moms or stay-at-home moms looking for a side Hustle?

Coaching by Princess Spa Parties is basically a system in which you can run your own business. There are no glass ceilings, and you can make your own schedule which is the ultimate benefit when you are a mom and you have to take care of your kids. Having a full-time job is not the worst thing however it does take away from watching your kids grow up. If you’re looking for an interesting side hustle princess Spa parties is basically servicing a multiple small party business at a client’s house who has kids and is looking for a spot like experience for their young ones. Many parents now are trying to look for new things to have for birthday parties or any kind of kids parties so that the kids can have fun and also the parents can enjoy themselves.

The Kids Industry is Booming

As you know babysitting and other kids services are extremely expensive because you need them. Kids parties are no different because it offers A variation of activities for your kids. Wendy, the founder of coaching by Princess Spa parties has created and optimizes business model so that you can get the most out of this either side hustle or full business if you choose to make it. This is not an MLM marketing ploy, and there are no restrictions when it comes to marketing or running your business. As long as you abide by health and safety standards around children, you can really make it your own.

What is the Cost for Princess Spa Party?

Well the cost that you charge can vary from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars, and Wendy can coach you through it if you need additional help. The materials we can guide you on in terms of most affordable however you have the option to find things in your local stores that are more accessible. You can really make it your own magical spa party.

The Children are the Princesses of the Party

A lot of the confusion when it comes to princess Spa parties is that you would hire someone in a princess costume suit and this is not the case. Although you can hire someone in a costume suit to help compliment the party however the goal is to provide and set up as well as host a princess party so that the birthday girl and her attendees are feeling like they are princesses at a spa. That includes cucumber masks, nail polish manicures and other Spa activities. We do also like to include a lot of pink items and props so that the kids have fun taking pictures and dancing with them.

If you would like an initial consultation feel free to fill out our contact form so that we can get back to you as soon as possible. And this day and age it’s very good to have several different Avenues of making income, so this can also facilitate your goals and needs as being the best mom you can be.

Some other flexible side hustles for moms

Bring That side hustles for moms is crucial, we always have to keep an eye out for what’s new and out there. It always can be a little tricky to find extra ways to make money. But the lack of time being your currency we really have to make sure that whatever you end up doing is resulting in extra income.

Mom Side Hustle : Making Money Stay At Home

Write Blog Posts

When your way of making extra income is writing for blogs or other marketing campaigns. Many agencies are looking for new writers and this may be a good gig for you if you like to get paid or post.

Become a virtual assistant

  • The next new side hustle for moms is becoming a virtual assistant for new and existing businesses. Virtual assistants can provide several different services depending on the job. You’re basically an assistant but working remotely. Many organizations also have that lack of time that need an extra hands oh, so this may be a good fit for you.
  • Take Photographs for weddings or newspapers
  • Photography may be a great way to makes an extra income, it does involve some sort of financial investment and you may need to learn a little bit about the equipment you are using. However if you already have experienced this may be a great side hustle to start.
  • Rent out some space in your home
  • Sometimes you have an extra room that’s not being used as of now this may be interesting if you would like to rent it out for an Airbnb or another a competitor of Airbnb. Sometimes you can earn between 100 and $500 a month.

Teach English online

If you love teaching your kids for example and you’re fluent in English there are sites like gogokid and vipkid that helps speaking teachers with Chinese students so that they can learn how to speak English. Many of these companies provide their own lesson plans and then let the teachers book their own slots which is great for timing. These teachers can earn up to $14 to $25 an hour.

Be A vendor on Taskrabbit

Many have heard of this new app that allows people locally to be able to help each other and get paid to do it. Some tasks may involve gardening, yard work, errands, waiting in line and other such services. If you have a particular talent that falls under this app why not sign up to be a vendor and then you choose your hourly rate. Yard workers can earn up to 25 to $30 an hour.

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