cPanel or Cloud PBN Hosting? Here are the Pros and Cons

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cPanel or Cloud PBN Hosting? Here are the Pros and Cons

  • You know how it goes.You launch a great site. You apply most of your SEO knowledge. Unfortunately, your rankings are terrible.You’ve got to go the extra mile to ensure that you outrank your competitors.
  • In this situation, you want to invest in one of the best SEO strategies out there, which is to get backlinks from authority sites and / or create your own private blog network. If you choose the latter one, the next step you need after finding domain is to host it. There are plenty of hosting services out there, some are good but expensive, some are bad and cheap, only a few are affordable.
  • Which hosting should you pick? Every webmaster has had to grapple with this question.
  • There are two types of PBN hosting based on their admin access. You can either go for cPanel hosting or cloud hosting.In this post, we will give you guidance on the pros and cons of cPanel hosting and cloud hosting. Let’s dive in.

Cloud Hosting for PBNs

Cloud servers have gained popularity in recent years. Millions of legit businesses use cloud hosting. Here, you are not limited to a single server. Instead, there is a scalable network of virtual servers.

Cloud PBN Hosting Pros

v  It’s cost-effective

Cloud hosting is considered affordable because you pay for the resources that you use. This differs from other hosting pricing structures where you pay a monthly subscription. Many providers of cloud hosting will charge according to the server resources that you utilize.

v  It’s easy to scale

Because cloud hosting involves connecting many servers, you can enjoy scalability. The risk of your website crashing because of a sudden increase in traffic is significantly reduced. Since you won’t be depending on one server, you can always access more memory and more powerful processors to meet demand. If your traffic drops, you can always scale back.

v  It’s easy to connect with third-party tools

In recent years, setup and management of cloud hosting for your PBNs has become easier. Plus, you’ll experience seamless connectivity with third-party tools.

Cloud PBN Hosting Cons

v  Limited to one CMS

With PBN hosting, reducing footprint and keeping our identity private is a key issue. A good way of keeping search engines off our track is by using different CMSs for our private blogs. Therefore, using a cloud hosting service which is restricted to one CMS is not ideal.

v  Limits the options of themes and plug-ins

Themes and plug-ins make our websites beautiful and user-friendly. This works to attract more prospects. With that said, if you have a network of private blogs, you must be careful to have more diversity in themes and plug-ins. When websites that link to each other use the same customization features and tools, Google becomes suspicious. This creates vulnerability in your network. Therefore, go for PBN hosting solutions that provide more options when it comes to themes and plug-ins.

Next, let’s move on to cPanel hosting.

cPanel Hosting

When you have a hosting account, you need access to a control panel that helps you manage your services in one place. cPanel is a Linux-based control panel and is considered the industry standard. It is user-friendly and is the most popular among web developers worldwide.

cPanel hosting is a Linux web hosting that comes with cPanel access. It helps you efficiently manage and track your domains and web presence. It provides a visual way of handling folders, databases, domain names, backups, SSL certificates, and email accounts.

cPanel Hosting Pros

v  Location variety

With cPanel hosting, you’ll have a wide variety of hosting companies to choose from. You can host your private blogs on multiple servers in different locations. This will make your network more reliable and secure.  With a good PBN hosting solutions provider, you can manage all your websites from one cPanel.

v  Many CMS options

Instead of relying on a single CMS, you can choose from several options. This will reduce the footprint in your private network.

v  More freedom with your PBNs

With cPanel hosting, you can set your private blogs as real sites as cpanel is the old backbone of hosting. There are plenty of addons and support on this platform and many options from reputable companies. You can have custom emails. The more authentic your PBN the better the link juice it passes to your money site.

cPanel Hosting Cons

It’s less user-friendly for newbies

Beginners may have a challenge when they use cPanel hosting. Though, with time they’ll get better at it. The most important thing is to use a provider with a great customer support team so that you can receive all the guidance you need.

It’s pricey

Though it provides much better functionality compared to its competitors, some may find cPanel on the expensive side, especially after their significant price increase. This might be tough those running small businesses and those with limited resources.


The truth is that with PBN hosting, you want a service that guarantees a private and reliable network. Cloud hosting and cPanel have their advantages and disadvantages. You should choose the option that reduces the vulnerability of your network by minimizing the footprint. Plus, choose service providers that prioritize security so you can be safe from hacking attempts. Then, you can enjoy the benefits of your PBN for a long time.

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