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It goes without saying that video marketing has become the most prominent and successful business strategy that markets across the globe are leveraging for profiting their business. With an efficient strategy and comprehensive planning, you can harness the power of some of the most popular social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, to showcase your content among a large demographic. No matter what products you are offering, without a video strategy, your chances of profiting will be severely reduced. 

Especially after the Coronavirus Outbreak, a large group of people has turned to social media to consume any and every sort of news. This is the single biggest reason why you should consider making the most out of the video for generating leads and boosting your brand’s credibility. Still not convinced why you should shift your attention towards video? Here are 6 ways how a robust video advertising strategy impacts your business and why it is important for your brand, now more than ever. 

1. Videos Can Explain Your Value 

The biggest challenge that you will deal with throughout your marketing journey is keeping the attention of your customers. Your customers are indeed your biggest assets. When you attempt to explain your brand or a particular product to your viewers through videos, you will be able to inspire emotions among them.

In just about three to six minutes, a good video can quite brilliantly explain your products to your customers in a very easy-to-understand way. Small videos can benefit largely through explainer videos as they add value to your brand. Showcasing how beneficial your products might be is a great way to let your customers understand how valuable you are. 

2. Videos Boost Sales and Conversions 

Let’s not forget, that videos can make you abundant money. When you simply incorporate a product video into your website’s landing page, you can boost conversions by up to 80%. This statistic itself suggests just how beneficial videos are for generating sales. A study suggests that about 74% of individuals who viewed an explainer video based on a specific product or service ultimately invested in it.

If you really think about it, it is no surprise how effective videos are when grabbing the attention of your viewers. After all, visual representation of anything is much more appealing to the human brain than textual representation. 

3. Videos Build Trust 

Trust is the very foundation that leads to conversions and sales. Every brand can benefit from long-term customers and the only way to build a long-term customer base is to build a sense of trust among your customers. The very concept of advertising revolves around trust. If you wish to bring optimal success to your brand, you must strive hard to create deeper relationships with your customers. Video is just the perfect fit for building trust. Engaging and top-quality video content requires a lot of effort and the right video maker.

With essential planning, you can create videos that ignite emotions among your customers. Effective representation of your products through videos can make them more appealing to your customers and thus, your customers won’t be too hesitant on investing in your brand. 

4. Videos are Good for SEO

Well, not just customers but even Google loves videos. Videos are almost perfect as they allow you to significantly boost the time your visitors spend on your webpage. This simultaneously impacts your SEO ranking. Every marketer knows just how crucial SEO is for improving brand credibility. A longer exposure plays a very vital role in boosting trust and impacting search engines.

When your search engine rank strikes up, your videos are bound to appear among a much larger crowd. Thus, videos lure prospective customers toward your brand. 

5. Videos Speak to Mobile Users 

Videos and mobiles are deeply linked today. About 90% of viewers watch video content on their smartphones. With the extreme increase in mobile users, now is the best time to shift your marketing strategy towards video. A YouTube report suggests that mobile video consumption increased by 100% each year. Since people prefer consuming content through their phones, you have a good chance of increasing views while also building a larger audience base.

Moreover, a study also suggested that smartphone users are much more likely to establish a sense of deep and personal connection to brands that showcase videos and advertisements on their smartphones. 

6. Video Marketing Can Break Down Complex Products 

If you are introducing a technical-based product, there’s no better way than explaining it through an explainer video. Videos very brilliantly break down complex products for customers so that they can understand what you have to offer more clearly. When your customers can comprehend your products and services more easily, there’s a higher possibility of them investing in your brand. Your aim is to make your products and services as easy to understand as possible for your customers. 

Bottom Line

Video marketing is a very systematic process that involves a robust strategy to attain successful results. However, with a good strategy and some extensive research, you can rest assured achieve your marketing objectives. It is thus highly vital that you choose the right tools and technologies to create your videos while simultaneously defining your strategy based on your primary goals. 

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