8 Video Editing Tips to Keep Viewers Engaged

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8 Video Editing Tips to Keep Viewers Engaged

People are spending more time watching videos than images. That is why the majority of the brands, individuals, and influencers are creating video content to stay connected with the viewers. It is like a dream come true for them to increase their followers.

But only making videos is not enough. You should focus on the editing part to make it click-worthy. Thus, pay attention to  the editing rules if you want to make an excellent video for the audience. Shoot good clips and understand the editing process correctly to make things work better. On this note, here are eight tips that will help you improve video editing. Have a look!

1. Hook the Audience Once the Video Starts playing well

The first 5-10 seconds is essential. It is the time that decides whether your audience will watch the video or leave. So, use animation, motion plays, call to action to engage the viewers to watch the video. It makes or breaks the video. Write a strong script, set the tone and voice-over in such a way for that first 10 seconds that viewers do not leave the screen and watch your video till the end.

2. Choose the Desired Video Length

For proper brand video marketing, the video length matters the most. An excellent social media manager can do this for you. So, research, know your audience and the platform you choose to upload video, and choose the desired video length accordingly. The video length determines what type of audience you want to fetch.

If you are doing a documentary, then 60 minutes of video length is good enough. If you are making a short video, then 15- 60 seconds video length is good to go. Whatever your niche is, you must stick to that initially with the desired video length. The audience will know what they will watch and what they will get from your video.

3. Jump Cut in Use

With the help of the video editor, you can easily create a jump cut. You can cut out the unnecessary part and keep the meaningful shots in the video, which the audience will love to watch. You do not want your audience to watch extreme clips that are irrelevant to the video topic. Therefore, you should master the use of Jump Cut to get away from the clips that are of no use in the video. It makes the video to the point and relevant.

4. Add Subtitles and Captions

You want to capture diverse people to watch your videos. Hence, it is essential to add subtitles or captions to your video. In that way, you can maximize your reach through video. If the topic that you cover in your video is worldwide-based, then adding a subtitle is just the best idea. Suppose- You are French, and you make videos in French, but the content you post is loved in India. So, your Indian fans who do not know French can read the English subtitle or caption, watch your videos, and learn about the content. Do not restrict your video to that particular location.

5. A Video Must Tell a Story

Video marketing is all about telling stories. What is a story? A story is a series of actions that you want to share with your audiences. So, it would help if you edited the shots so that they should tell a story. The story creates a connection with the audience, and therefore, you must connect with the audience through stories. Stories have emotions. When you shoot the behind-the-scenes of your brand and audience, get to know how your product is made, how workers work day and night to bring up the final product can touch millions of hearts. 

6. Setting Right Tone

An entertainment factor must be there even if it’s an educational video; otherwise, people will lose interest in watching the video. A positive tone video always wins the heart of the viewers. As per the research, brands that follow the light and humorous content have maximum reach. People love this type of tone in the video. It compels them to watch the video. 

7. Add Effects and Light Adjustments

You may shoot the video in natural light or different artificial white lights. But, when you are on the editing table, you must edit the video smoothly and adjust all the lights, brightness, contrast to make the video eye-catching. It is a crucial part of editing. You have to understand how the lights and other effects are shaping the character in the video. It will help if you become a master in this light adjustment editing to bring out the video with clarity and make it eye-catching.

8. Choose Right Editing Tool  

Last but not least, opt for the right software to edit the videos. You will find such tools online, one of which is InVideo. If you plan to create engaging video content in less than 10 minutes, InVideo is ideal. 

This extremely easy-to-use software that is not only affordable in price but also rich in its features. It is a web-based platform that one can use on any desktop or laptop with any operating system. With pre-built templates of over 4000, the tool is highly customized for various industry niches. Your Facebook and Instagram stories will be of delectable quality with InVideo as the video creating and editing tool. 


So, now that you have the list and tips on video editing, you must follow your heart and start telling stories to the world. Video content is used in various ways, and the prime motto is to attract customers. Audience engagement through delectable videos is of prime importance in digital marketing.

The entertainment arena’s most used content is videos, so you need to edit them properly before sharing on different social media platforms. Remember, editing is a challenging task. Therefore, be consistent in editing to get that perfection and also use a good video editing tool to achieve your best!


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