How to Submit Website in Google Search Engine & Bing Search

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How to submit your website to the Google search engine. in other words how to index your website in Google search engine

Now Google webmaster tools know as Google search console so first u sign up it. Google is world no 1 in Search engine so after submitting Google your website comes automatically comes in yahoo search also you easily submit your site in Bing search engine.

After submitting & indexing your website in the Bing search engine your website page come in the search results of the Bing search engine. Below detail, I am given you briefly.

How to best way submit a website to Google Search Engine

Step 1 :  Sign in Google Search Console

Google search console

Step 2 :  Add Url Prefix  where you write your website name Than click on continue

Step 3 :  Go to Your WordPress Website Dashboard Click on General  Site Address(URL) :


Step 3 : Verify your ownership


In This step, First you Install Insert header footer plugin in your word press website, Then copy code and open Insert header footer plugin and paste in <Head>  than  click on save.

How to submit website in Google Search Console or Google Search Engine & Bing Search Engine

Step 4 : Then click on Verify, Than msg comes your Ownership Verified.

Another method:  You install Yoast Seo Plugin & Click on Active plugin  Open it  Click on  Webmaster tools  Go  Google verification code : add your code  & Save.  If you have bing code or yandex code u paste it so also you verified on this website.

How to submit website in Google Search Console or Google Search Engine & Bing Search Engine

For WordPress user For creating Sitemap you must need Google Xml sitemap plugin Go plugin then add this plug in click on active So xml sitemap generate automatically.

Example My Sitemap :

How to submit website in Google Search Console or Google Search Engine & Bing Search Engine

How to Add Website in Bing Search Engine

Step 1 : Sign up & login in to Bing webmaster tool  click below

Step 2 : If you are already verified with Google search console than Import your website & skip verification

Submited in bing search engine

Step 3 : Submit Your Sitemap

Step 4 : Fetch as a Bing bot

Fetch in bing search engine

Click on Diagnostics & Tools, Enter URL and click FETCH.

After Indexing how to know your website add-in type in Google search     Site :

So come all your website pages, so u know all pages are indexing in Google search engine.

After Indexing website you Can Do :

Sign up Google Analytics  For every day how traffic comes in your website

Add your Rss Feed to Feedburner

Create your account in all social media like facebook, twitter, pinterest, Instagram, etc   and add your website in profile. Or create your page & share everywhere.

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