Best 6 Tips for Optimizing Your Home Office in 2022

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6 Tips for Optimizing Your Home Office

More people are working at home than ever before. For occupations like content writing, this scenario can be a dream. It can also seem like a nightmare when organizational problems arise. There are a few simple things that anyone can do to optimize their home office spaces. Here are six tips for making your workspace productive.

  1. Keep it Clean

The first step in building your office space is keeping it tidy. A recent study by Staples showed that 77% of workers felt that their quality output increased in a clean environment. Give your surroundings a regular and thorough cleaning. Getting grime off your devices (including keyboards), disinfecting your trash can, and scrubbing down your furniture surfaces are all good first steps to take. These cleanings can also be a boon for overall health since they will reduce viruses and bacteria on commonly-used surfaces. Keep tools like washcloths or a housekeeping cart close at hand to make this process easy and reflexive.

  1. Declutter the Space

Cleanliness is about more than sweeping up; there’s an art and science to arranging items in your workspace. First, either discard, recycle, or set aside any items you don’t explicitly need. Next, sort everything else according to practicality, keeping the most often-used things easily at hand. Digitize as much of your paperwork as possible to cut down on jumbles and waste. Don’t limit decluttering to your physical office space. Keeping your inbox clear by discarding old emails and shifting some sources of incoming mail to a separate folder can keep you focused and prepared.

  1. Color for Success

The color scheme used in a workspace can make a massive difference in productivity and comfort. Research has revealed distinct benefits and drawbacks to every color in its effect on mood and efficiency. For example, purple, red, orange, and yellow are the most distracting colors in offices, while white is typically cited as the least distracting. Additionally, blue routinely produces a distinctive calming effect in studies. Learning about how the environment affects you is the key to crafting your perfect space.

  1. Employ Ergonomic Solutions

Physical state affects mental state, and sitting in an uncomfortable position for hours is bad for both. Studies show that around 40% of workplace injuries are the result of sprains and strains. A solution for long-term health and efficiency might be to use ergonomically-designed work furniture. Ergonomics is about designing a workspace around the natural movements and postures of the human body. Some good examples are ergonomic keyboards designed to reduce wrist problems, standing desks, and chairs designed for maximum spinal support. All of these could be timely and beneficial additions to your home office.

  1. Prioritize Nutrition

Having good health doesn’t mean following some trendy new diet. It means paying attention to medical science and doing what’s best for your body and mind. British researchers have shown certain nutrients, such as choline, phenylalanine, and magnesium to increase productivity by enhancing brain functions, lifting mood, and reducing anxiety, respectively. Make time during the day to have healthy snacks to boost your energy. Combine this with some well-deserved breaks from the computer screen. Working from home means you’re in the driver’s seat, which means that being effective starts with self-care.

  1. Go Biophilic

One of the worst mistakes in office design is the tendency to work against nature rather than with it. A new trend in architecture called biophilic design aims to reverse that trend by incorporating natural things into artificial spaces. Houseplants, for example, are great as both air purifiers and mood boosters. Using natural light whenever possible (called daylighting) reduces eyestrain and increases eye health. It also slashes utility bills; a vital consideration for home offices. With all the options available, going green is a powerful choice to scale production and make the home environment healthier.

Working at home offers both benefits and challenges. Keep these simple strategies in mind, and you’ll make the most of your space.

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