Use OSRS gold for auto-clicking

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How to Auto-Click in OSRS

This is how you can use an auto-clicker to save you time in the game.

Auto-clicking can potentially help you get further in Old School Runescape, though it doesn’t come without risks. Like finding OSRS gold for sale and purchasing it, there is a chance that you could compromise your OSRS account by using this method, so we are going to be taking a closer look into what auto-clicking is and what effect it has on your OSRS experience.

What is Auto-Clicking?

An auto-clicker is an application that you can use to save you clicking yourself. As obvious as that may sound, it is something that can really save you time. When you consider certain activities in the game that require you to do a lot of manual clicking. This can be related to raising your skill levels, earning OSRS gold, and more.

Given the sheer amount of clicking that you need to perform at points of the game, it’s understandable why many would consider downloading a client of sorts to get rid of the need to click so much.

How Does it Work?

The art of auto-clicking isn’t necessarily affiliated to just Old School Runescape. There are free programs out there that you can use not only for auto-clicking but as an auto-typer as well. That said, you will find those that are able to accommodate the particular needs of those playing OSRS. The benefit of auto-clicking can help you to get those OSRS items for sale earlier, but it can come at a potential price.

Can You Be Banned?

This is probably the most important question that a player could ask before downloading such a client. In short, you can be banned from using an auto clicker. In the same way that you would go to buy OSRS gold from a gold seller online, there is an element of risk attached to such practices.

When you are downloading an auto clicker, there are a few features that you can look out for. The most important would be to see what the risk factors are from downloading it. There are clients that could include a description in which they state that their program hasn’t been banned by the games or sites that they work with, nor have they ever been detected.

There are programs that will also add other features to benefit you as well. For example, there are programs that will add a calculator should you ever need it when leveling up your character. Those that have an update button can also allow you to use a program that will stay up to date if there are any improvements made to it.

Overall, there is still the risk that you can get banned for this, so it is up to you to determine whether it is worth going for it. Whilst some don’t actually work as bots, there is still that chance. It can be a hard decision to make, especially when you take into account how useful an auto clicker can be. When you do get it set up, all you have to do is hover over the mouse arrow and it will auto-click everything for you to a speed that you set, which is something that we will touch on shortly.

With all of that being said like you would buy your own OSRS GP, you need to take as many steps as possible to minimize the risks that you are taking. You are bound to be able to find information regarding the safety of the client when you download it. Looking for a client that has the least risk possible is going to be the best choice to go with.

Using an Auto Clicker

When you have finally downloaded your auto clicker, you can then run the program. Open up the program to get yourself to the auto clicker that you will find in the menu section. At this point, you may be given the chance to set the speed at which you want the clicks to come in. There are some that will even offer a clicking option in the speed of milliseconds as well as seconds. Once you have decided what speed you want to go with, you can then hit start and wait for the settings to kick in.

There are many great benefits to you using an auto clicker. But the chances of being banned are still present, however small they may be. You may have used similar practices to get OSRS gold, in terms of using outside help to get you to where you need to be in the game. There is no denying that it will save you a heck of a lot of time if you were to decide to get an auto clicker.

What are your thoughts on OSRS auto-clicking? Let us know in the comments section below!

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