NBA 2K22 Season 3 Iced Out Helmet Unlocking Method

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Players that have been playing NBA 2K22 since the introduction of Season 3 have had numerous chances to win rewards, including the new level rewards Iced Out helmet and outfit. NBA 2K22 Season 3 racing helmet can be unlocked quickly and easily by following this article, which explains the process in detail.

NBA 2K22: Season 3 Iced Out Helmet Quick Guide

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S have a lot to offer in the way of challenge and reward. There are many ways to modify your appearance in NBA 2K22, but can you imagine traversing the City with an Iced Out racing outfit or an Iced Out racing helmet? Get the next-generation collector’s helmet if you win 100 games at the Recreation Center! Get the suit by winning 100 3v3 games. In NBA 2K22, here’s how to earn the S3 helmet.

For NBA 2K22’s Season 3 Iced Out helmet, follow these steps:

Once you go to the South City Vipers Rooftop, you’ll be able to access rooftop courts.Speak with DJ and play the first two games in any affiliation to get to the 3v3 game.You must score at least 12 NBA 2K2 MyTeam coins in this game after completing the first two steps. It is possible to keep playing the game indefinitely if you don’t score 12 points and continue to win.In 3V3 Park Games, DJ has a challenge for you and is eager to reward you (with a racing helmet) if you meet his objectives. 4. The only thing you need to do is win 31 of your 100 matches.

Do you have any idea how it all works?

Simply click on this link. Create a new character so you can use this method to generate new players or whatever you like. To use another player that hasn’t met the goal would be an option as well. – It would be nice if there were two shooters.

– Get a screen and get ready so you can just film it. Call for a screen.

– MyTeam points can be earned by playing defense, although it would be more efficient to let them shoot at will. As a side benefit of aiming for 2K22 MT, you’ll have a head start on building your fortifications.

– To aid the AI shoot, it’s also recommended that you turn on team ratings and playtakes if you can acquire it.

– They’ll multiply your points by two after you reach nine; all you have to do then is hit the open person.

– Ai can’t shoot occasionally, but they can also make all of your shots. It varies, and you have control over the outcome. It’s also a terrific method to rack up your goal-scoring numbers and rack up a lot of MyTeam points. This is a terrific approach to work on badges and achieving a total of 99.

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