Step by step guide to check MNP status online

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Guide to checking MNP status online

How to check Mnp status online? The telecom world has transformed in the last decade due to never-before-seen technological advancements that have impacted almost all parts of our lives. One of the big changes in the Indian telecom market that has come up in the past few years is the process of MNP and porting.

The MNP or Mobile Number Portability is the option that lets the customers move from one telecom operator to another without losing ownership of their mobile number.

MNP status

It helps them keep the same number and therefore avoids the risk of losing contacts or the hassle of informing all their contacts about the change of number. To carry out the MNP or porting, the customer has to fulfill some prerequisites such as being a minimum of 3 months or 90 days old on the network from which you are porting out.

Also if you are a postpaid customer you need to clear your entire billed amount and pay for any unbilled usage to be issued a porting code. If you can clean the above criteria then you can proceed to generate your Unique Porting Code or porting code following the below process.

  • Send a text message to 1900 from the mobile number that you want to port. The message has to be in this format “PORT<your 10-digit mobile number>”
  • The Unique Porting Code will be sent to your mobile by your current network provider
  • You need to carry your Unique Porting Code as well as your document to the store of your new network provider and submit your KYC documents as well as the porting code
  • You need to carry out these steps before the porting code becomes invalid

As you wait for the porting process to go forward you may grow impatient and want to check on the status of your porting request.

Here are the steps by which you may do the MNP status check.

  • Head to one of the MNP status check websites such as
  • Provide your mobile number and unique Porting Code, and complete the captcha
  • Your MNP status will be displayed on the new screen as it loads up

It should be noted that some of the well-known providers do an extremely good job of keeping the customers updated about how their porting request is being carried out once the UPC has been received by them. For example, Airtel being one of the best telecom providers in the country provides customers with a way to track their porting requests.

The customers can download the latest version of the official Airtel Thanks App from Google Play Store or iOS App Store, and log in using their port-in number to track their porting request. The best part about porting to the Airtel Prepaid or Postpaid network is that you can carry out the entire process online. You can go to the Airtel website and use the dropdown of Prepaid or Postpaid tabs to choose the Port to Airtel option.

Your SIM card will be given to you free of charge and will be delivered to you free of charge. Your KYC documents will also be picked up from your doorstep as the SIM gets delivered by the Airtel executive. All of these make porting to Airtel one of the most customer-friendly and easy processes.

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