SiteGround VS Digital Ocean review

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SiteGround VS Digital Ocean review

Are you stuck between which web hoster to choose for your business? Don’t worry, here you will get the complete guideline and comparison of the two most popular web hosters, which helps you choose the best suitable web hoster for you.

About SiteGround

SiteGround is the best web hoster provider since 2004 with its reasonable priced plans to facilitate their customers. It is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. They are providing amazing customer support with some incredible technical features and loads more.

About Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is based in New York that provides cloud hosting to help millions of developers build and manage their websites efficiently. They are also a very well-known web hosting provider with the guarantee of 99% uptime.

What plans do they offer?

No doubt both of the web hoster is well-known and satisfied millions of customers around the world. Here is the comparison of plans offered by them to differentiate their web hosters in the market.

DigitalOcean Plans

DigitalOcean is the newest platform with some trendy and latest plans, which are mentioned below:

Website Hosting: It offers you to host your website quickly and reliably.

Web & Mobile Apps: Run your newly launched apps with incredible smoothness.

Video Streaming Hosting: Upgrade your video streaming with the highest available services.

Gaming development: It offers a faster gaming service for nonstop entertainment.

Cloud VPN: Access a quick, fast, and easy VPN.

Big Data Computing: It helps to run big data workloads with more speed.

Moreover, they have various solutions for your every problem; visit the website for some incredible plans offered by DigitalOcean.

SiteGround Plans

SiteGround has the easiest and shared web hosting plans that everyone can use easily. Here are some programs that SiteGround offers.

Web Hosting: A secure and fast hosting service for your small or medium-sized business.

WordPress Hosting: It helps to manage your WordPress sites with freedom.

WooCommerce Hosting: It is specially designed for high performance to boost your business with optimization.

Cloud hosting: It is auto-scalable and managed cloud hosting for high-performing sites.

How are they protecting you?  SiteGround VS Digital Ocean  Review Reddit 

Security comparison of DigitalOcean and SiteGround 

Security is the main element when considering any web hosting plans as many cyber crimes are happening worldwide. Having the best protection will save you from lots of problems that can happen to anyone.

SiteGround: They have the fantastic Security-First Mindset through which they are providing the best security and monitoring as prevention is their standard. Their team keeps the daily track of software vulnerabilities on a server. They prevent all possible attacks on the website by writing security patches and enhancements. Using SiteGround, you are only responsible for accessing cPanel, and no need to worry about other vulnerabilities as they are offering DDOS protection for the better security of websites.

DigitalOcean: While they are offering a publicly accessible VPS whose security will be handle by you. You have to install the ideal software to protect your server at its best. As they are not offering DDOS protection, you can avail of it with Cloudflare or some WordPress plugins.

Key Features Comparison :  SiteGround VS Digital Ocean

There are various features offered by both web hosters which differentiate them with each other. Key features of both web hosters are listed below:

Key Features Comparison
Fully managed Web hosterUnmanaged Web hoster
SSD Space is starting from 40GB for cloud web hosting and up to 30GB for other hosting plansSSD space is starting from 25GB for all web hosting plans.
Data transfer is starting at 5 Tb for cloud hostingData transfer is starting at 1 Tb for all web hosting plans.
Offers daily backups with seven off-sites copiesOffers weekly backups with four copies
Included CloudFare CDN for all hosting plansComaptible CloudFare, but doesn’t offers setup.
Offers free website migrationDoesn’t offer website migration
Private Domain name system is included in all types of hosting plansPrivate Domain name system is included in manually configured plans

Customer Support Comparison : SiteGround VS Digital Ocean

Customer support is offered by both web hosters but in different manners and facilities.

SiteGround: They have the best support system for customers as they work 24/7 by helping you with various issues of WordPress Installation and SSL installation. Moreover, they are always available at chat support to solve all your problems immediately.

DigitalOcean: They are also offering customer support but only necessary things. You must be able to install all the software like WordPress and SSL on your own. They only provide you complete information, but the rest is on you. You can also avail of ticket support as by this process; they will solve your problem immediately.

Pricing comparison :  SiteGround VS Digital Ocean

Pricing is the main factor that everyone considers first when buying any product or service. Here is the pricing plan of both web hoster which you should consider before choosing any.

SiteGround: SiteGround offers three different packages according to your need. The Price plan of SiteGround is listed below according to domains, storage, and visits.

Pricing Plan of SiteGround
Package Name Domains Storage Visits/per monthPrice/Monthly
Startup1 Domain10Gb10,000$3.95-$9.95
Grow BigUnlimited20Gb25,000$6.45-$17.95
Go GeekUnlimited30Gb100,000$11.95-$29.95

DigitalOcean: DigitalOcean offers various flexible packages for everyone by different storage, SSD Disk, and VCPUS and memory. The price plan of DigitalOcean is listed below:

Pricing Plan of DigitalOcean
MemoryVCPUSSSD DiskTransferPrice
1Gb1 vCPU25Gb1Tb$5/month
2Gb1 vCPU50Gb2Tb$10/month
4Gb2 vCPU80Gb4Tb$20/month
8Gb4 vCPU160Gb5Tb$40/month
16Gb6 vCPU320Gb6Tb$80/month

Moreover, you can find other packages as well from the official website of DigitalOcean.

The pricing factor is cheaper & flexible than DigitalOcean as compare to SiteGround. But in the SiteGround case, we must say you will get the best for what you pay by their outstanding security and privacy.

Pros and Cons : SiteGround VS Digital Ocean

Here are a few pros and cons of both web hosters which you should aware of.

SiteGround’s Pros and Cons
Pros Cons
Optimized PlansLimited Resources
Incredible customer supportNo windows hosting
Better Uptime guaranteeSluggish website migration
Free Premium features
DigitalOcean’s Pros and Cons
Quick SetupNot ideal for beginners
Highest benchmark scoresNeed skills to run this
Free Static IP Address
SSD Servers Only

Final verdict :  SiteGround VS Digital Ocean

In the end, we are not able to conclude with the one option as both of them are offering different packages, features, security, pricing, and other factors. It depends on you that what you are searching for? Or which one suits the best for your business?

Decide carefully after going through all the necessary details of both web hosters. Keep every important factor in your mind before concluding your decision as the web hoster is very important for your business. By choosing the ideal web hoster can lead to the better performance of your business. I wish you the best of luck on your journey.

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