PHP Vs NodeJS Competitors in the Development Game

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PHP Vs NodeJs Competitors

  • The ongoing battle between PHP and Javascript did not originate from the start; in fact, both these excellent scripting languages used to be the two partners ruling the industry’s development game. While Javascript efficiently manages all the client-side tasks, PHP took care of all that needs to be done on the server-side. Oh, the happy times!
  • This “you do your work, I’ll do mine” time was soon over for both the languages when a “clever chap” decided to run Javascript on the server-side as well. All the work, only PHP, could do, was now possible with just Javascript. A full-fledged application can be made using just one programming language- Javascript. And how was this made possible? Of course, with NodeJS.
  • To build a dynamic application, all developers had to choose NodeJS and the frameworks running on the client-side. Javascript got super famous with the mantra of “Javascript everywhere.” Since then, Javascript has been the tech-town talk, the NodeJS developers everywhere prefer using javascript and make use of the ever-expanding, incredible collection of frameworks it offers, such as React, Vue, Express, Angular, Meteor, and more.
  • The number of hired NodeJS developers has been ever-increasing, which actually is proof of how incredibly popular Javascript has become since the introduction of NodeJS. Many awesome projects are coded in Javascript. Meanwhile, PHP’s ranking slipped from third place to fourth. However, this does not portray that PHP is any less capable. PHP has been and will be a prominent gameplayer in the development arena. Let’s see where both PHP Vs NodeJS win over each other.
  • There are certain areas where PHP defeats NodeJS and vice versa. There’s no doubt that you need to hire PHP developers as well as NodeJS developers as per the technological needs of your project.

PHP Vs NodeJS Competitors

PHP Vs NodeJS Competitors


PHP is an acronym of hypertext processor, earlier known as the Personal home page. It is a general-purpose scripting language specially crafted to suit web development. It was launched in 1994 by Danish-Canadian programmer Rasmus Lerdorf. The current PHP model is capable of mastering database interactions and performing high-level development. It also offers multiple frameworks, using which developers can create a dynamic web application by putting in little effort. Areas PHP always wins:

  • Mixing Code with Content

 Say, you wish to play with all your website elements, increase what has to be improved, and delete what’s unnecessary. Pour in all our thoughts in textual forms into your website, and add a branch to this process. Make your website look out-of-this-world pretty, and high performing, or mix in data or text from the database. PHP allows you to make use of the magic PHP tags and start writing your codes immediately. PHP works with such ease that everything seems to be a template. Also, your developer does not need to add extra files or elaborate the architectures; all the programmable logistical power is at your disposal with PHP.

  • Deep CodeBase 

More than half of the entire web and popular websites are filled with PHP code. Almost all the popular Content Management Systems like Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla all use PHP in their codes. Not only do these platforms provide you with the benefits of the open-source, but they also offer impeccable plugins to add on functionalities and features to your website.

In short, the internet is equipped with PHP, so if you wish to update, modify or download any technology, you must look for PHP developers for hire, because we are pretty sure, there would be a bit of PHP in it.

  • Simplicity 

 PHP is a no-brainer. Well, not much of a brainer to be precise. There are just a few variables and some essential functions to juggle up all the numbers and strings. A thin layer is responsible for doing the primary data transfer from port 80 to the database and back. That’s all it’s supposed to do. A modern database can be explained as a magical tool. Therefore, you can leave the heavy lifting to it and not hurt your head. PHP uncomplicates what is considered a tricky job.

Then again, if you wish to interact with your database and format, the results PHP allows you to cross all limits and make it happen. Simple and clean.

PHP Vs NodeJS Competitors


NodeJS is a runtime environment for JavaScript, which is open-source and multi-platform. The environment executes the codes outside of a web browser. The technology allows your developer to apply JavaScript to write command-line tools, also for back-end scripting. Using NodeJS on your project, you can produce dynamic web page content even before the page is sent to your user’s browser.

Although to create an incredible project with NodeJS, you will have to hire Node js experts and make sure to implement all the benefits to the optimum possible limit. Areas NodeJS always wins:

  • Separating Concerns

 Mixing code is not an easy task to execute. I mean, mixing code is sure fun, mostly when you use HTML, but that’s only fun for the first three or four times. But if you do it frequently, your code becomes a tangled mess of logic with time. When you hire node js experts, they add structure and segregate the cosmetic layer and the logic layer.

It makes the codes cleaner and more comfortable to comprehend. This framework is built by developers who believe that the model, controller, and view are better off without each other.

  • More Modern Features

 It is a fact that there are multiple open-source PHP files out there on the net, but it’s also a fact that many plugins are waiting for someone to use them. For every modern framework of PHP, there’s an old plugin that’s tasting the dust. Which developer would want to invest much time and energy on the code that hasn’t been updated in a long, long time?

Whereas, NodeJS plugins are not only fresh and new but are also created with excellent knowledge of the recent architectural approaches. The programmers who believe that modern apps must push all the intelligence to the client, together make the environment.

While JavaScript may confuse many developers, many may find it amusing since it supports many modern syntaxes and brilliant features like closure. You can reconfigure your application or extend its functionalities and create powerful libraries like jQuery.

  • Dozens of language options

 If you are a PHP user who is happy to access the Hack, it would be better to enter the world of NodeJS, since many of the major languages can be cross-combined to function and run smoothly on JavaScript. There are some phenomenal and prominent options, such as Scala, Java, C#, OCaml, and Haskell. The list of languages that can be compiled to JavaScript is pretty long.

Plus, if you need a different approach to enhance your current one, you can always change the flavor by using CoffeeScript or TypeScript.

Conclusion :

It is safe to say that both PHP and NodeJS Competitors work correctly in their respective arenas. The ongoing war between PHP and JavaScript is justified since both are pretty powerful in the development areas. However, which one suits your project the best depends on what you expect from your technology, which features you want it to include, and how much you want to extend it. Depending on your requirements and needs, you can choose to hire PHP developers or hire NodeJS experts. Your choice depends only on your expectations.

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