The 5 Best Wood Chippers, Reviewers

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Both amateur gardeners & professional landscapers might benefit from using a high-quality wood chipper to create healthy & beautiful landscapes. Wood chippers have several uses as well as, as many satisfied owners will indeed tell you, are well worth the expense. They are mainly used to mulch twigs & branches that could be used in a variety of ways, including enclosing garden borders, as wood chips for a fireplace, for barbecuing & smoking meats, & many other things. Mulch produced by the wood chip machine does more than just spruce up a garden, it also helps to control weeds, improve soil quality wet, and replenish the soil’s nutrients as it breaks down. It’s one of the healthiest methods to support the robust health & growth of your garden.

What Wood Chipper Offers the Best Value?

Specialized wood chippers & wood chipper shredders are the 2 kinds of wood chippers available, both for business & residential usage. While wood chipper shredders create variable chip sizes & often have 2 different hoppers for lesser or bigger debris, specialized wood chippers could only produce a single size of wood chip as well as coarsely treat twigs & leaves. Size reduction ratios range from 10:1 to 21:1, with a larger ratio resulting in smaller chips. The whirling metal blades on both implements chop plant material into mulch. If you’re looking for a wood chipper that is reasonably priced for home usage, a dedicated chipper may be purchased for as low as $116 & perform the job well.

super handy Home Wood Chipper

The little wood chipper from SuperHandy is strong enough to tackle the majority of household mulching tasks, comprising leaves & branches or twigs with a diameter of up to 3 inches. This gas-powered chipper includes an adjustable chute, wheels for easier transportation, as well as a 3-year guarantee. It also lowers mulch to a 15:1 ratio. Although it could be challenging to put up, customers said the company’s customer service was exceptional and assisted them with just about any setup problems. “Took care of mounds of brush & branches,” a happy customer commented. Chipped branches, vines, and thorny shrubs are no issue. For a homeowner, a season-use machine, the cost is unquestionably worthwhile.

WEN Wood Chipper

With its 15-amp motor, the powerful WEN wood chipper can shred and chop branches & twigs up to 1.5 inches wide, earning praise from consumers for its excellent value. Other characteristics have included a reduction ratio of 17:1, which is among the greatest available for personal use, plus two 7-inch metal blades which can be readily sharpened or changed. To protect yourself from injuries caused by stray flying debris, use this equipment while wearing protective gear. One satisfied customer who used this chipper to remove 50 Scotch broom trees said, “We fall the trees, chopped off everything bigger than the 1.5-inch hole, and afterward put this through the chipper.”

Sun Joe electric Wood chipper

Light-duty mulching around in the house or garden is perfect for our electric Sun Joe wood chipper. This wood chipper has a 16:1 ratio, a max branch width of 1.5 inches, a 14-amp motor, as well as a two-year guarantee, making it an excellent all-around tool for managing a garden & keeping it free of the trash. Customers agreed that the prescribed 1.5-inch restriction should be respected, although one delighted buyer said, “its light and portable. It’s simple to set up & operate.. It effortlessly cuts through branches & produces excellent wood chips.

Sun Joe Bamboo Wood chipper

The Sun Joe wood chipper is perfect for bamboo which has overgrown out of control and has a powerful motor to assist you in successfully combating this invasive vegetation. The motor has a locking function that stops it from operating while it is dismantled, and the 21:1 reduction ratio turns even the tiniest twigs into nutrient-rich mulch. A delighted customer stated that this machine “made my task of dumping of the chopped bamboo easy” and it “works effectively for sticks that really are 1.5 inches in diameter.”

Earthquake Wood Chipper Shredder

This gas-powered Earthquake wood chipper/shredder has two different hoppers for bigger & smaller chopping applications, making it particularly effective for medium-duty chipping tasks. This 140-pound tool is portable thanks to the airless wheels, and it is suitable with the vacuum & tow bar kit, both of which are available separately. Although connecting the collecting bag might be challenging, several buyers said the documentation was thorough and useful. The Earthquake “chips branches up to 3 inches and therefore is good for shredding twigs, leaves, & garden detritus,” one delighted customer said.

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