Diablo 2 Resurrected Necromancer Upgrade Summary

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Level 60 Diablo 2 Resurrected Necromancer development direction north (comprehensive development, taking into account PVPC and PVP modes).

Summer system:
skeleton master 0
skeleton 1
skeleton mage 1
regenerative 4

Golem master 5
summed resistanc 3
Earth puppet 1
blood puppet 1
iron puppet 1
fire puppet 4

Comments: This series shares 21 points. The second level of iron puppet has one more function of thorn damage than the first level. However, it is common for D2R necromancer to add skill level 1, so it is enough for iron puppet to be upgraded by one level. Golem’s upgrade effect is not strong, and it is basically difficult to compete with computers in the later stage, so you don’t have to pay too much attention. In addition to the strong power of the skeleton series, both skeleton and skeleton mage fall as soon as they touch. There is no need to raise more. One point is enough. It’s not necessary to regenerate too many points. First, it’s inconvenient to operate if there are too many points. In addition, there are time constraints on the monster of regenerate, so there are not so many Diablo 2 items, D2R runewords, unique or rare items for you to use. Skeleton master can increase the monster’s life and attack power, but it’s not as fast as directly increasing the life of regenerate.


Big teeth 1 – > Corpse Explosion 5 – > bone spear10 – > bone spirit 10
bone shield 10 – > bone wall 1 – > bone prison5
comments: this series shares 42 points, and if you continue to upgrade in the future, the main points should be added here.



Damage enhancement 1
Iron Lady 5
comments: Iron lady is a necessary spell, and the upgrade of level 5 plus equipment is roughly enough. I only chose two spells in this series, sharing six points. This doesn’t mean that other spells are useless, but I haven’t found a better and more appropriate strategy to use these spells. I hope my friends can find another way to create another world for our witches and gods.

Tactics and Skills:

1. Before level 20 in normal mode, you must give priority to raising bone wall 1 and Iron Lady 3 (to deal with the last bug in ACT2), and the rest of the summoning system to blood puppet, bone spear and bone shield (to deal with the last bug in ACT2).

2. In Nightmare mode, Corpse Explosion can be dealt with when it is upgraded to level 3 and the level of equipment is increased.

3. In hell mode, Corpse Explosion can be considered to be upgraded to level 5.

4. For the boss, summer golem is the best way. The boss will give priority to attacking Golem. Just add an iron lady to Golem. When there were no iron puppets and fire puppets in the early stage, it was also possible to use bone wall to cooperate with the iron lady. In normal mode, I finished Diablo with three or two times of blood puppet, iron lady and bone spear. I didn’t even look at what Diablo was like (the iron puppet wanted props, but the fire puppet didn’t). The tactic is to put the bone spear far away from the B OSS when Golem has a lot of blood. When Golem’s blood turns red, immediately summer a new one. Note that the position of the mouse point should be close to the boss, put an iron lady, and then put the bone spear again.

5. Use corpses to explode a large number of enemies. Quote fatal’s technique “release a golem, add an iron lady to it, and let it kill among a large group of enemies. From the death of the first enemy, continue to use Corpse Explosion until the end of the battle, and use the remaining corps to form your army.”

6. Revival and Corpse Explosion are the best ways to deal with computers, In PVP mode, bone spell and Curse spell are the best choice. The basic tactics are to use bone prism and iron lady to let the enemy beat himself (however, I haven’t found a good way to deal with the magician m m. It seems that the hero is sad and the beauty is really a wise saying. Only the barbarian who doesn’t understand the tenderness will cruelly PK our lovely magician mm).

In addition, Necromancer at level 60 should have passed all levels of hell level, so he has roughly 71 skill points. The remaining two points are recommended to be placed on bone shield or iron lady of curse system. Because it is a comprehensive necromancer, neither summer nor bone magic is very strong, but he still has a good development space. With the help of Diablo 2 Resurrected cheap items, summer skills should be greatly enough for computers. The rest is how to expand bone magic.

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