Namecheape Vs Siteground Hosting Review 2022

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Namecheape Vs Siteground Hosting Review 2022

SiteGround provides various kinds of hosting plans for sharedcloud, committed and WordPress hosting at exceptionally affordable prices; their shared hosting plans begin at $3.95 a month!

The business is famous for its excellent speed and uptime; perhaps not surprising considering they have information centers in 5 places all over the world! The very best aspect of the internet host, however, is the fact that it is notable enough to please the pros while also being user friendly to delight the amateurs, together with exceptional customer service available constantly.

Namecheap, on the other hand, is an ICANN-accredited registrar that provides services about the registration of domains, the selling of domains and web hosting providers. According to Arizona and founded in 2000,

Namecheap has been thought to handle over 7 million domains for its 3-million-large customer base. In reality, Namecheap was also voted the best domain registrar in November 2010 with a survey in”Lifehacker”, in addition to the hottest domain name registrar in September 2012.

Namechepa Vs Siteground Comparision Review Who is Best ?

Though somewhat synonymous, we’d urge Namecheap more for novices or people on a tighter budget. On the flip side, we enjoy SiteGround for the ones that desire premium hosting characteristics, or site owners looking for much more of a hosting package.

Namecheap’s entry level or Worth program is just one of the lowest high quality hosting packages available–and it features unlimited bandwidth and the capacity to host 3 websites. Namecheap also includes more elaborate, high priced hosting plans. But if you are looking to step up from an entry level hosting program, then SiteGround is a much better alternative for me.

SiteGround’s GrowBig and GoGeek hosting programs include their SuperCacher technologies for quicker website functionality, CloudFlare CDN, daily site backup, and priority customer care. If you want WordPress hosting, then you could even get automatic upgrades. SiteGround’s functionality and service have always been outstanding for me. And, SiteGround proceeds to update their infrastructure and enlarge their data centre locations.

Despite the fact that you receive the cPanel interface using both SiteGround and Namecheap, Namecheap does not include Webalizer among their internet stat software –not a major deal for novices, but because I often use it in order to see my web stats, I still favor SiteGround’s cPanel. In addition, I enjoy how SiteGround incorporates cPanel with their account manager dash.

Typically, we’d advise going with SiteGround–particularly for WordPress, Joomla, or even Steam users. Together with SiteGround, you can get superior features and support in lower costs than many other hosting companies.


Namecheap Vs Siteground Reddit : Hosting Plans & Pricing 

Both web hosts offer you an assortment of differently-priced programs for various kinds of hosting, including sharedhosting, VPS and dedicated hosting. Regardless of the selection of programs they provide, the two web hosts are well known because of their shared hosting.

SiteGround’s shared hosting programs are popular because of their amazing rates, as the very first shared hosting program (the StartUp program ) begins at a really fantastic price of $3.95 a month. This program offers users one site using 10 GB of web space along with a capacity of 10,000 monthly visits.

This program includes all of the essential as well since the majority of the premium features the web host provides. The past shared hosting program, the GoGeek program, is priced at $11.95 a month for multiple sites, 30 GB of web space and 100,000 monthly visits, together with the necessary, premium, in addition to advanced capabilities.

These programs cater to many different viewers, as novices can begin with the StartUp strategy and readily update moving ahead when their website gains more traffic and popularity.

The Value program provides you unmetered bandwidth, 20 GB of disc space, and also the capability to host 3 websites. The skilled and Ultimate plans offer you unmetered bandwidth, 50 GB and unmetered disk space , in addition to the capability to electricity 10 and 50 sites respectively.

Among the biggest differences concerning the programs between SiteGround and Namecheap is where SiteGround simply hosts 1 site in its own beginning strategy, Namecheap hosts 3. Namecheap additionally offers additional storage and contains 1 more strategy to provide to customers, than SiteGround. But, SiteGround’s costs are difficult to conquer not only for Namecheap but also for different competitors too.

Furthermore, SiteGround’s costs are to get a strategy duration of 3 years, whereas Namecheap provides plans in their existing rates yearly.


Namecheape Vs Siteground Reddit : Shared Hosting Price Comparison

SiteGround includes three tiers of shared hosting plans and they’re the StartUp, GrowBig and the GoGeek plans. Namecheap also includes three Shared hosting programs and they’re the Stellar, Stellar Plus and Stellar small business plans.

Basic Plans :
SiteGround’s basic plan is the StartUp program and it comes with one website, 10GB of space, unlimited bandwidth, free Cloudflare CDN, free SSL certificate, free daily backups, and unlimited emails. The plan costs $3.95 and renews at $11.95. Namecheap cheapest plan (yes, that was also intentional. Sue us) is the Stellar program and it comes with three websites, 20GB SSD and unmetered bandwidth at $1.44 per month (normally $2.88 a month), which can be immense.

First off, Namecheap’s basic plan includes three sites. That is something that you rarely ever see, and the simple fact that at renewal, it costs significantly less than SiteGround’s first cost tells you all you need to know about this comparison. Namecheap may not have the ideal performance in regards to raw hosting info, but at a price similar to this and with such specs, not SiteGround retains a candle.

Medium Range Plans :
Namecheap medium-range plan is your Stellar Plus plan and it includes unmetered SSDs, unlimited sites, and auto backup. SiteGround’s medium-range plan is the GrowBig program and it comes with all the features of the StartUp plan plus unlimited websites, free SSL wildcard for one year, 20GB space, all 3 levels of this super cacher, staging environments for WordPress and Joomla, 30 backup copies and free revive. The plan costs $5.95 per month whilst renewal costs $19.95

Namecheap’s plan completely maxes out at this point with boundless everything while SiteGround still retains limits on space available. Again, even Namecheap’s renewal cost is lower compared to the promotional price for SiteGround’s service.

High Range Plans :
SiteGround’s most expensive plan is your GoGeek program (we have it on reasonable authority that this program isn’t, in fact, for only Geeks) and it comes with all the features of this GrowBig plan plus unlimited websites, 30GB space using a traffic capacity of 100,000 per month, priority support, one-click Git repo creation, along with PCI compliance.

It comes in a $11.95 promotional cost while renewal prices $34.95. Namecheap’s most expensive plan is the Stellar Business plan and it costs $3.88 a month and comes with unlimited websites, auto backup and cloud storage. Renewal prices $7.88.

For instance, the promotional cost of Namecheap’s most expensive plan is lower compared to the promotional price of SiteGround’s lowest plan. Of course, it may be argued that SiteGround provides better in terms of functionality, but was the gap in performance so good to excuse this kind of difference in pricing? It’s a really debatable question.

Namecheape Vs Siteground : WordPress Hosting Plans


Basic  WordPress Hosting Plans :
Both hosts provide three levels of handled WordPress hosting. While SiteGround retains, for the most part, the titles and costs of their Shared hosting programs, Namecheap switches it up entirely, offering three tiers known as EasyWp newcomer, EasyWp turbo, and EasyWp Supersonic.


Mediam managed WordPress Hosting Plan :

Namecheap’s cheapest strategy is your EasyWp Starter plan also it comes with 10GB of storage, a capacity for 50 000 monthly visits and prices $0.01 for the initial month and renews at $3.88 per month. If you prefer to be billed yearly, it is possible to pay $22.88 for your initial year and then renew at $29.88.

This strategy contrasts directly into SiteGround’s cheapest WordPress program that’s that the StartUp plan, which has the same specs as the Shared hosting Plan and that costs $3.95 (renews at $11.95). The StartUp plan has a potential for about 10 000 visits.

The costs offered by both hosts for this particular plan is presently a little similar, and since SiteGround’s performance is far superior, we’d go with SiteGround.


High Managed WordPress hosting Plan :

Namecheap’s medium-range WordPress hosting plan is your EasyWP turbo program and it includes 50GB SSD storage, 200 000 visitors/month, 1.5x CPU, and 1.5x greater RAM. The very first month, if you’re paying monthly, prices an astounding $0.02 and another month renews at $7.88.

If you would like to be billed yearly, then the first-year costs $44.88 and another year’s renews at $68.88. SiteGround’s medium-range plan stays the same since the Shared Hosting medium Range GrowBig plan that costs $5.95 a month whilst renewal prices $19.95. It has a capacity of 25 000 visitors per month.

Welp. The immense price gap which we talked about earlier has shown itself . Figuring out SiteGround’s prices can simply not stay as low as Namecheap’s. There’s that familiar question, again. Is SiteGround worth it?

Namecheap’s best WordPress hosting plan is your EasyWp Supersonic program and it comes with 100GB SSD storage, 500 000 visitors/month, 2x much more CPU, 2x more RAM, 99.99% uptime guarantee. And yes, you guessed it.

The first month comes in a giveaway price at $0.03 (at this point it is basically free to begin ). After the first month, even though, you will be requested to cover $11.88 a month. If you would prefer to be billed each year, it costs $49.88 for your initial year and $98.88 then. SiteGround’s most costly plan is your GoGeek program and it has the potential for a hundred million visits per month and costs $11.95 for the initial purchase and $34.95 for renewal.

Even with a capacity five times the capacity of SiteGround’s plan, Namecheap’s plan costs less than SiteGround’s plan overall. And that’s a fitting way to end this section.


Free Website Migration : Namechepe Vs Siteground Reddit

Both Namechepe and Siteground given free website migration service


Money back guaranteed : Namechepe Vs Siteground Reddit

Siteground given 30 days money guranteed while Namechepe given 14 days money back guaranteed


Data Centre Location : Namechepe Vs Siteground Hosting

Siteground has multiple world wide data centre come like Chicago, Amsterdam, Singapore & london While Namecheape only USA & UK


Server Uptime : Namechepe Vs Siteground

Both Given 99.99% uptime


BBB Rating : Namechepe Vs Siteground

Siteground has a BBB Rating B grade While Namechepe has a BBB Rating F Grade. So Siteground better than Namechepe


Backup : Namechepe Vs Siteground

Siteground taken daily backup while Namechepe taken weekly backup


Namecheape Vs Siteground Hosting : Speed

Both internet hosts have various data centers across the world, because of that their rate varies dependent on the location. Thuswe compare the rate of the internet hosts predicated on a collection of variables that influence overall speed and functionality.

Desktop Speed:

This evaluation is dependent on the length of time it takes to get a site hosted by a specific server to completely load using the online browser onto your desktopcomputer. SiteGround provides a desktop rate of 1.4 minutes, compared to Namecheap’s 1.7 minutes.


Much like we mentioned previously, the two web hosts offer you an uptime guarantee of 99.99%. Of both hosts, Namecheap experienced more downtime than SiteGround, although the downtime was of brief duration. During 6 weeks of studying, SiteGround undergone a downtime of just 16 minutes.


Namecheap vs SiteGround : Extra Features

SiteGround has the following additional features:

  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • SiteGround is optimized for WordPress and Joomla
  • One-click staging servers
  • SiteGround has reseller hosting alternatives
  • Regrettably, SiteGround does not offer you a completely free domain name.
  • SiteGround supports Weebly site builder
  • A free WordPress Migration Plugin.
  • SiteGround provides SSH access with their programs


Namecheap has the following additional features:

  • Better functionality with Dell M1000 Blade server technologies
  • Namecheap strategies may be compensated for using Bitcoin
  • Accessibility to market
  • Namecheap has a Auto backup Tools
  • Free site domain all programs
  • Multiple sites on the lowest priced programs

Namecheap vs SiteGround: Main Differences

  • Namecheap includes a completely free domain covared, while Siteground does not
  • SiteGround is far quicker than Namecheap
  • Namecheap is very chepe rate than SiteGround
  • SiteGround has excellent customer care support
  • SiteGround provides free website migration on select programs while Namecheap additionally does
  • SiteGround Provides a general better backup policy compared to Namecheap


Conclution :

We tested both Namecheap and siteground for all points like Feature, Speed, performance, main advantage and extra feature etc all over Siteground is Winner again Namecheap as per our view


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