Cheap Domain Registration in India using the Free SeekaPanel

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If you’re on the hunt for a great bargain in domain registration, especially those looking to register dot indian domains, then read on!

SeekaHost is one of the best and leading domain registrars notable for cheap .com domain name registrations, and now the company is offering cheap .in domains as well, which domains are available to register directly via the portal.

At SeekaHost you can register .in domains for the cheapest prices via the SeekaHost App and easily start your blog with one click choosing any of the affordable WordPress hosting plans. If you’re also looking for multiple IP hosting or expired PBN domains to create private blogs, the cheap PBN hosting plans are your best choice.

The super-app has all domain name and hosting functionality included in one place, and you can use the one-click domain name registration and hosting services by choosing from the SeekaHost WordPress hosting plans.

Buying a domain name is easy with SeekaHost domain finder. You can find the best domain names easily and register them in the SeekaPanel. Once you registered the domain, you can host it with one click hosting plans. SeekaPanel is the world’s best domain search finder software tool used by over 20,000 private blog site creators.

What to consider when buying a domain name?

To buy a domain name first of all you must have an idea about what niche you want to present your site to. Then after you can think about the below-mentioned factors before registering a domain name at SeekaHost.

  1. Have the brand name on the domain
  2. Shorter domain names are ideal
  3. Can you have the keywords in the domain?
  4. Get the .com domain name is available
  5. Buy the country-specific TLD for local business
  6. All in one dashboard to manage the domain and hosting
  7. 1-Click domain hosting installers
  8. Reasonable renewal prices

Register your domain names with SeekaHost via the SeekaPanel for the cheapest prices for .com and as well more coming soon. Each domain you buy can be managed in SeekaPanel and host with easy control panel.

Why is SeekaHost the Best Cheap Domain Registration in India with fast services via the SeekaPanel?

Most of the domain name registrars in India offering .in domain name are not sincere with their pricing and some offer cheap first-year deals, but within the second year, they’ll charge a much higher price to make up for the so-called discount given initially.

But that is not the case with SeekaHost, you are not only guaranteed a straightforward pricing system, also you get a one of a kind cheap service. There are even periodic special offers as well as discount coupon codes you can use to get the lowest prices for domains and hosting services.

If perhaps you’re looking for expired PBN domains to create private blog networks and multiple IP hosting, then the cheap PBN hosting plans are the best choice. As the leading PBN host provider  in the world, SeekaHost offers up to 2000 IP addresses, including A, B and C class IP addresses with every hosting plan.

Reasons to Go for a .in Domain Name via SeekaHost Portal?

Below are the major benefits of a .in domain, which we hope you’ll be completely convinced to buy for your local business.

Easy To Remember

The most important reason for the popularity of the .in domain is because it is the easiest to remember. When people in India aren’t able to recall the domain extension of a website they’ll easily prefer to go with .in first. That is how the domain extension has influenced a lot of people. And why human behavior plays an important part, it is this trend that is driving the power and popularity of the .in domain.

Trusted By Indians

Many locals are familiar with the .in domain, so you should choose a domain name that’s preferred by the people in the country in which your website will be accessed mostly.

Also, search engines rankings are important, and the preference of the visitors matters when deciding on the domain extension. That is the reason you need to choose the one that is trusted by Indians mostly.

The .in domain is used by almost every popular and trusted business website in India, and people always assume a domain as .in domain if they are not sure about the actual extension.

Better For Local SEO

The ‘dot in’ domain extension affects the SEO rankings of a website positively, because search engines give preference to websites based in India for local searches. And those that have the domain extension ‘dot in’ are considered trusted and reputable local businesses.

Every website depends on SEO, therefore you need to select a domain name that is unique but also easy to remember, as even the search algorithm prefers it.


If you want to build a solid base for your local business website, you’ll definitely go with SeekaHost’s trusted domain registration and web hosting services.

The story of SeekaHost can’t be complete without mentioning the founder Digital Entrepreneur Fernando Raymond, the most amazing digital entrepreneur in the world helping others to gain internet entrepreneurship skills to thrive online.

Where you tap into his energy, it will give your business website the total support it needs to thrive in the coming years while his teachings serve as an online reference for both professional and personal development. Therefore it is inevitable to create a website very carefully only using the best service provider with the best solutions.

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