Nine Amazing Tricks To Craft A SEO Friendly Content

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Creating SEO friendly content can be tough, but the best fact about its creation is – you receive a positive response from customers and search engines.

Why is it important to create SEO friendly content?

To gain a good rank

If you create SEO friendly content, it is an indisputable fact that you can increase a good rank over the search engines.

  1. To gain more visitors

When search engines display your website on the first page, visitors might browse through your website frequently.

  1. To Gain more profit

Once you gain visitors, you can gradually improve your profit margins and increase potential leads for your business.

  1. To create brand awareness

When people read your content, they take note of your brand. There are many chances to gain customer loyalty to your brand.

  1. To Fuel SEO trends

When you add SEO friendly content, you can bring a change in SEO trends and be an essential contributor to the platform.

Here are few hand-picked tips for creating an SEO friendly content with ease:

  1. Do an in-depth keyword research

These days there are many SEO friendly keywords that are trending!

You need to be very specific and crafty while choosing SEO friendly keywords. One of the best ways is to select potential keywords that have a chance of ranking in the future. You can do this through many ways like — by visiting forums, checking on your competitors, etc.

  1. Build a content structure

Once you have created a rough draft of your content, you need to align it in a structure in order to, make more meaningful.

The best way you can do this is by creating:

  • Effective headers and subheaders – this helps in giving your customer an idea about your content
  • By adding Meta descriptions –keep it short and simple
  • By creating feature snippet –this attracts more clients since you use keywords in it
  • By creating quality backlinks –this helps in creating an inter-network of blogs and there are many chances that a client can reach your website through these links.
  1. Optimize your content

You can divide your story or content into chunks!

Paragraphs help customers understand every tiny piece of information in a better way. In addition, it adds a lot of sense and logic to your content.

One way of optimizing your content is to add target keywords that attract clients easily. Further, you can add images related to the topic and make your content more attractive.

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  1. Monitor your content length

The longer the content, the more search engines prefer it!

The minimum count for a blog post is 400 to 500 words. When you write articles above 1500 words and make it SEO friendly, you can score a good rank, and there are many chances that clients read your articles.

  1. Make sure you make your content mobile-friendly

These days many people prefer using phones compared to desktops and laptops. Using SEO friendly content is a good option, but you need to ensure that your content or website is mobile-friendly.

Make sure you build your website using a responsive mobile-friendly design that would attract clients to visit.

  1. Use genuine SEO tools and techniques

Creating SEO, friendly content is not a piece of cake!

You need to use either free or paid SEO tools (depending on the need) of your business website. These tools can tell you the potential of keywords and ways through which you can insert them into your content.

  1. Keep up with the trend

Customer preferences change every second, and SEO trends depend on these preferences. You need to keep a note of these trends and update your content regularly to engage your readers and generate potential leads.

  1. Don’t forget social media

Social media is a brilliant platform to promote your content and create brand awareness among customers.

Whenever you update your content, add a new service, or launch a new product, make sure you post it on social media. It kindles customer interest, and there are many chances to draw customer attention. You can also add social media tabs or buttons on your website to make it easy for customers to share your post or article.

  1. Take care of schema markups

Make sure you add them to your content to help the search engines analyze your blogs in a better way. Schema markup divides your content into small pieces that enable the Meta bots to interpret quickly.


You need to understand and implement specific SEO, friendly techniques to optimize your content. The friendlier your content is, the more it attracts customers and the more you can improve your SEO skills and profit.

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