5 Steps To Superior Link Building

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Link building

5 Steps To Superior Link Building

If you run a business or a website the implementation of Search Engine Optimization or SEO should be kept in focus in order to grow it.

Search engine optimization or SEO in abbreviated form is the process of enhancing the quality and overall quantity of website traffic by increasing the usability and making the website or a web page more visible to the users of the web search engine. Simply put, it enables people to find your web pages or sites more in a search result list of a search engine. To know more about SEO, you can contact an SEO company.

A key component that everyone talks about while optimizing your web pages for search engines are inbound links.

What are inbound links and link building?

Inbound links are basically the link from other web pages and web sites that redirect to your website. These inbound links are also known as backlinks as obviously because of the link back to your website.

A link is considered to be a backlink if:

  • It is clickable by the user.
  • The link redirects to your website.

A backlink has 2 parts- The link and the anchor text. The later part specifies which information on your website the link refers to.


While implementing search engine optimization, link building can be described as the modifications and changes done in order to increase the quantity and also the quality of inbound links to your webpage. This is generally done to increase the ranking of your website or a web page in a web search engine.


Why use inbound links?

The use of inbound links remains an integral part of search engine optimization, mainly for the following reasons :

  • Increases rank of your website in search engine results: When a search engine ranks web sites and web pages all around the internet it takes into account a number of factors. One of those factors includes the quality of the backlinks that redirect to your website.
  • Increases traffic to your website: The presence of more inbound links or backlinks to your website around the internet likely means more people will visit it and thereby increasing traffic.
  • Makes an opportunity for business connections: When other websites use backlinks to your website, it gives credibility to it. Hence, giving you opportunities to build business relationships with them.

Before focusing on link building there are a few prime objectives that we need to keep in mind:


Quality and relevance is priority

The sole objective during SEO must be focusing on the quality of the content on your website. If the information available on your website is not fresh or of poor quality, there will be significantly fewer visitors. The target is to provide the visitors and reader to your website a reason to come back and share your content.

Longer articles and posts tend to attract readers more than summarised ones. Correct grammar should also be followed and the overall content must be unique.


Don’t cram in unnecessary keywords

While using keywords to improve website ranking is a great way, overusing them may backfire. The use of keywords should be limited and relevant to the topic of the content.

Then there is also the risk of your article being marked as spam for overuse of keywords.


Target websites with more visitors than yours

As we have already discussed, the quality of the backlinks heavily affects the ranking of your page in a search engine result. The quality of backlinks is directly related to the websites they come from. The higher the domain of the website the greater is the quality of your inbound links. Thus, the credibility of web sites matter a lot from the SEO perspective.

Constant traffic is important as it indicates that it is active. Therefore, be careful about who you provide your links to. 

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Five sure-fire techniques to better inbound link building


  • Targeting Keyword phrases: A target Keyword is a word or phrase that sums up your entire webpage. For example, if you run a line of hair products, the keywords for it can be ‘hairstyling.’

It is better to research a bit about keywords before you start building your links in order to predict what the visitors to your web site might be looking for. Thus looking at where the inbound links are coming from will give you a head start.

  • Try using guest blogging platforms: The chances are that you might not be the best writer out there. In that case, implement guest blogging as a means of building high authority backlinks.
  • Use Search Engine Results Pages: The web is full of opportunities to aid your link building. Use SERPs to target sites with high domain for search optimization your web site.
  • Use endorsements and testimonials: Using testimonials give credibility to your content and is a great way to build trust among customers. If you are a businessman selling products, testimonials work as great sales pitches.
  • Construct an authority content piece: It is much better to sell your authority content that already exists then hiring writers or bloggers to pitch your content. The focus should be more on ‘the right content’ than the new one.

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