Affiliate Tracking Software – How To Pick The Best Software?

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A plethora of affiliate tracking software allows you to keep track of your CPA offers. It is not about calculating conversions but rather about what features are best suited to individual tracking software.

For example, if you manage an affiliate network, you will need affiliate network software, while if you are a media buyer, any comprehensive affiliate tracking software will suffice.

Each CPA software platform has its own set of features that cater to the needs of various business models.

If you use SEO, Facebook advertisements, or Google ads, you’ll need a tracking tool that works with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. The explanation for this is that targeted targeting and re-targeting are critical components of your Google and Facebook marketing.

You can implement the Google UTM tracking code and embed it in all the links you want to follow to quickly track the exact traffic sources (it’s also free), but you’ll have to get used to it, and you’ll need to put the UTM tracking code in every single time.

What Exactly Is CPA?

CPA stands for Cost per Action and is essentially a catch-all word for various other models such as CPI and CPS.

This is the most popular affiliate business model among publishers because it creates a win-win situation for advertisers and publishers.

Advertisers choose this model because, in the face of a crippling level of fraud that destroys both CPC and CPM models, CPA offers a better opportunity to work with.

It’s not about raising awareness or supporting a new campaign that no one else is pushing when it comes to being profitable in affiliate marketing; it’s about how easily you can track or measure the effectiveness of the promotions you’re running.

When running campaigns and handling many affiliates, it is also advisable to use CPA affiliate tracking software.

What Exactly Is CPA Affiliate Tracking Software, And Why Is It Required?

Consider the following scenario: you are running a campaign through many traffic channels. You won’t be able to tell whether “Traffic Source 1” is profitable or not as opposed to Traffic Source 2 or others.

How can you say if your Facebook campaign converts better than your campaign on someone else’s blog?

Your campaign may be making a lot of money, but one traffic source isn’t converting or, worse, is sending you bad traffic.

How can you find out all of this information if you don’t have affiliate marketing software to monitor your CPA offers?

You can’t do it.

Let’s look at another case. Assume you have three banners running on the same traffic source and want to know how each banner is doing in terms of ROI (return on investment).

How would you know if you don’t have a tracking system in place?

This means that a CPA affiliate tracking software must be incorporated into your company in order to optimize your affiliate campaign.

Now, let’s take a quick look at some of the advantages of CPA affiliate tracking software. It can be used to:

  • A/B split verification
  • Collect all data in one place.
  • Cloaking of links
  • Get a clear picture of your losses and gains.
  • Examine the performance concerning GEO and other parameters.
  • Change the order of your banners and landing pages.

…And a plethora of other choices, depending on the CPA network software.

The Advantages Of CPA Affiliate Tracking Software

As you can see, data is important for affiliate marketing success.

You must understand who clicked on your connection, where they came from, how your content is performing, and everything in between. You could potentially monitor and analyze all of these statistics manually, but it would be an enormous amount of work and would necessitate tremendous coordination and commitment from your staff.

With CPA affiliate software, all data is automatically tracked, and all relevant metrics are shown on your dashboard.

CPA software will also alert you to any ongoing problems, such as poor traffic, fraudulent conversions, or underperforming offers. You may also use the affiliate software to redirect traffic, monitor affiliates, and payout commissions (if you run a network).

Consider the work involved in manually handling new registrations, making custom identifications, tracking data on your website, tracking new orders, and creating your own campaigns as your company grows.

Why Not Deligate This Task To A Modern And Efficient Software?

Installing CPA affiliate tracking software automates the operation, making it more structured and less of a “day-to-day issue.” There is a wide variety of affiliate tracking software on the market.

Your task is to learn about the various types of features and services offered by the various organizations, the initial implementation cost (if any), the monthly cost, and the cost of future custom-made changes, integrations, and technical support.

What Benefits Can CPA Marketing Software Provide Your Company?

Every affiliate marketer wants to know which traffic sources and keywords are the most efficient.

Who wouldn’t be?

And, in order to do so, they need dependable affiliate tracking software.

Most CPA networks allow affiliates to track conversions in real-time. Affiliate networks allow the use of pixels and even server monitoring.

As previously mentioned, CPA affiliate tracking software enables you to:

  • Determine where the traffic is coming from and which sources are converting.
  • Which keyword are you converting?
  • Which landing pages are transforming the best?

Affiliate tracking software is not the same as affiliate tracking software. Affiliate tracking software has a somewhat different function than affiliate tracking software and, as a result, has a distinct set of features.

Affiliate tracking software is the device that affiliates use to monitor affiliate operations. Affiliate marketers often use tracking software referred to as affiliate tracking software, which is distinct from the software used by affiliate networks.

CPA affiliate software tracks and manages affiliate campaigns for affiliate marketers by tracking traffic from different sources, managing landing pages, collecting items, and integrating tracking.

Scaleo Affiliate Software Performs Both Functions.

Affiliate tracking software offers a robust reporting system that allows affiliates to see how much money they’re earning, which promotions and traffic channels are working, and a variety of other reports that give a complete picture of how their affiliate efforts are progressing.

The majority of affiliate tracking software is cloud-based and subscription-based.

Why Do You Use Scaleo?

Scaleo is a robust affiliate marketing network software that is easy to use and has a simple user interface. Scaleo’s system is the most secure and open solution for you since we do not charge for clicks but only for conversions. Suppose you are new to online marketing and have never used affiliate marketing software before. In that case, our account manager will mentor you, teach you what you need to know, and walk you through the implementation process step by step.

Scaleo affiliate network software benefits for business

Scaleo is a cloud-based tracker with hundreds of integrations that eliminates the need for manual integrations. Simply sign up, and you’ll be able to create an ad campaign in minutes, integrated with whatever software you choose to use.

Intuitive and modern interface: navigating through the affiliate software is clever and intuitive, with pop-up tooltips to help you along the way. Data tables are simple to read and understand, and data columns can be configured in any way you need.

Scaleo is a white label CPA affiliate solution that is entirely customizable, allowing you to change everything from the colors to the logo.

For traffic tracking and analysis, detailed reporting with 30+ data points is available, including source, network, offers, landing pages, geo (country, region, city), OS type and version, browser type and version, connection type, date and time, IP, ISP, referrer and referrer domain, proxy type, user agent, language, and many others.

Use for any form of traffic: Scaleo allows you to monitor any traffic, both web, and mobile (suitable for CPI campaigns tracking). Scaleo is the ideal solution for those who work with traffic sources that do not allow redirects (e.g., Google, Facebook, Yandex, etc.) or who want to monitor organic traffic. Scaleo’s improved algorithm for direct traffic monitoring now allows you to analyze direct traffic through additional parameters easily.

Scaleo allows you to use your own personalized domain to ensure that your affiliate company is smoothly and incorporated adequately into Scaleo.

Multi-user access: Since Scaleo allows for an infinite number of seats, you can have your entire team working on and reviewing your affiliate reports.

Filtering bad traffic with Anti-Fraud Logic: Scaleo assists you in analyzing and preventing bot traffic on several levels, including bot blacklisting and proxy filtering (data collected and provided by one of the most reliable data providers, thanks for the 10 years of experience Scaleo has in tracking software business). The Anti-fraud Logic feature analyzes traffic in real-time and detects suspicious activity. This methodical bot filtering approach ensures that the user takes advantage of several bot protection levels and generates reliable fraudulent traffic reports.

Scaleo offers a few different duplicate postback testing solutions, which helps to avoid flaws and inaccuracies in reports.

In Conclusion

Choosing the best CPA marketing software can be difficult since hundreds of them are on the market. To avoid migrating your company later, you must make the right decision from the start (which may result in losing valuable data, traffic, or conversions).

You will need to evaluate the market and understand yourself.

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