6 Steps To Become An SEO Expert Consultant

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Digital marketing is a vast field, and as a digital marketer, you have to focus on various factors. Marketing digitally is all about reaching maximum audiences via the internet, and digital marketers adopt many ways to reach people.

Social marketing strategies, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are the two ways marketers follow. Social media marketing is a paid way of marketing, whereas Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about driving organic visitors to the website.

Are you a digital marketer and want to achieve high ranks on Google Search Engine Result Page? Or want to increase website traffic to generate more leads and sales for your website? Then you have to be an expert SEO consultant.

But how to learn SEO tactics and become an SEO expert? In this article, we will let you know ways to kick-start your SEO career and become an SEO expert consultant.

What does it mean by an SEO expert?

Before coming to the points on how to become an SEO expert, it is necessary to know what does it mean by an SEO expert and how they differ from other SEO professionals.

SEO has a significant role to get your website noticed among millions of other webpages, and every website needs to pay proper attention to the website visitor so that it can convert them into customers. Organic traffic means to drive honest and organic visitors to the website, and SEO experts know how to implement SEO tactics so that the website will rank on search engines.

Advantages of becoming an SEO expert

There are several benefits of becoming an SEO expert; we have listed a few of them here:

  • You can learn new skills to get more opportunities for full-time work or freelance projects.
  • You can drive organic traffic to your website and can rank your page on search engines.
  • No need to run paid Ads, and it will reduce your marketing cost budget.
  • You have to depend less on SEO agencies to optimise your website.
  • You can decide on hiring SEO professionals for your team.

6 Steps to become an SEO expert

When you decide to become an SEO professional, it may take some time to learn the complete tactics and become an SEO expert. Some make plans to step into the SEO field, whereas others may start by chance. This guide is for all, no matter how you have stepped into the SEO world.

  1. Learn how the search engine works

This is the very first step when you decide to learn SEO and become an expert. Understanding how search engines work is essential as the complete SEO revolves around search engines.

Start with basic concepts and learn how exactly websites rank on the search engine result page. If you are already aware of the basics of SEO, then you can study how important it is to rank on the search engine to survive in the digital world.

There are millions of relevant results available, and Google only ranks some of them as per its algorithm based on several factors. To be honest, no one knows how these algorithm factors work to check the relevancy.

  1. Learn WordPress and build your website

Once you know the basics of SEO and understand how search engines work, the next step is to learn WordPress and build your own website. So that you can implement your knowledge. Whereas there are many CMS and website building platforms available, WordPress is the widely used CMS for building websites. So, it is enough if you learn WordPress and create your own website.

  1. Test your SEO knowledge regularly and stay updated

SEO is a vast topic, and you need to know every aspect of it to become an SEO expert. Learning theories won’t help if you don’t implement them practically. So, always stay ahead by implementing your knowledge in a practical field. Stay updated about the current SEO tactics by reading the latest blogs and articles about SEO. Search Engine Optimization is constantly changing, so learning and testing your ideas will keep you updated and add experience to your work.

  1. Take up a course and get certified

Learning doesn’t mean you will become a pro and will start getting projects and work. You have to obtain a certification course in SEO so that it will enrich and ensure that you have the proper knowledge in the area. There are various certification courses available on resources like- Google Digital Garage, Moz SEO course, SEO guide. Choose the course that is suitable for you and get certified.

  1. Choose an SEO tool that is right for you 

Digital marketing tactics are not possible to implement without the help of any tool. SEO is also not a manual task. You have to choose a perfect tool or set of tools to utilise your SEO knowledge fullest. Tools are lifesavers for SEO experts and save much time while giving the best results. Some of the tools are free, whereas you have to purchase a premium version to get maximum of it. SEO tools are indeed costly, but in the long run, it will help you, and you will never regret buying them. Some of the SEO tools you can check are Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Ahref and SEMRush.

  1. Never stop learning and have patience 

SEO is a never-ending process which is not static in nature. You have to keep on learning and implementing ideas to stay ahead in the competitive market. The significant parts of SEO – Keyword research, On-page and Off-page SEO, link building etc. need regular implementation. So never stop learning and be patient enough to learn every now and then. As SEO takes lots of time to work and is not a shortcut to achieve ranks, you can’t expect immediate results out of it.


No matter if you are a marketing professional, web designer, social media marketer or webmaster- SEO is a must to do practice to become an expert in the digital marketing field. It may seem a complicated process but not impossible to become a pro in SEO.

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