B2B Marketing: 7 Lead-Generating Strategies

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B2B Marketing: 7 Lead-Generating Strategies

You must be aware with the B2B marketing word. B2B is a business to business service, it is a situation where one business makes a commercial transaction with the other business. B2B marketing is considered to be a stepchild of the creativity family. Almost 60% of the marketers consider the lead generation to be number 1 in the business.

B2B industry is also considered to be boring because every now and then, the executives are seen to be complaining about the B2B marketing strategies that they never work. They would surely never work if they are copied. Marketing strategies demand different techniques and creativity, otherwise they won’t work out for the business.

However, I believe that B2B marketing is easy and less-stressful because it is a lot easy to sell your product to the people via several creative strategies of marketing. Technology has made this a lot easier and now you can focus keenly on the people behind the product selling and business. What needs to maintain is strategy. If the content is powerful, then media engagement is sure to happen. But what needs to be focused is the marketing strategy which can drag the audience to itself.

Here are 7 ways to add creativity in your marketing strategies of B2B. Let’s have a look, what you can do to reach the high skies of B2B marketing strategies.

Video Marketing:

A recent study showed that the companies and businesses using video marketing help the business revenue to grow 49% faster. Whereas, the companies are putting no efforts into the video marketing face the failure in advertising their business. People are always interested in videos which do not exceed more than 30 seconds and 1 minute with a clear message. This is their attention span and by creating an impactful video, you can help your business to grow by catching their attention.

E-mail Marketing:

E-mail marketing generates 50% more leads than the other lead generation methods. Used by more than 75% of the digital marketers, it is one of the biggest lead generation method up till now in B2B businesses. believes that by the help of E-mail marketing, you can create customized business campaigns for leads and sales.

Access To Behind the Scenes:

People always love exclusivity. Exhibit the business human side to the people and let them get to know your business in person on individual level. This will help in business development and you will gain the trust of the customers. The behind-the-scene content is openly accepted and appreciated by people and you must implement this technique to advertise your business.

B2B Marketing 7 Lead-Generating Strategies for 2020

Content Marketing:

If your content is powerful and engaging, then the audience will surely get attract towards you. Content marketing is one of the most effective and creative marketing strategy. More than 80% of the B2B marketers use this B2B digital marketing strategy for their business. It generates 3 times as many leads as the outbound marketing strategies. You may include blog posts, downloadable guide, info-graphics and long form of articles. Before developing the content, make sure to do a keen research for your audience!


Create a spark in your creativity with the sprinkles of humor in it. People love to laugh and you can use this amazing strategy to make them laugh and bring funny moments to lighten the mood. Do not cross a thin line between humor and crass and make sure not to hurt any gender, religion, culture and cast. B2b marketing does not need to be dull. Present a colorful combo of humor and message to the people so they can notice your business.

Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one the most widely used B2B marketing strategy because, more than 70% of B2B clients use Google and other search engine to begin their search, problem and then the solution. With SEO, you can easily target your audience. You can also make a complete use of SEO for lead generation and lead nurturing.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media platform are one of the most used and significantly resultant marketing platforms. It is a modern day B2B billboard which can help your marketing strategies to boost up and give your business an amazing kick start. LinkedIn is one of the biggest examples of social media marketing in B2b with responsibility of more than 80% leads.

Use of the above B2B marketing strategies can help you to generate more leads and sales. These are the highly used creative strategies in B2B marketing. The strategic planning process in B2B marketing will become a hard nut to crack if the tips and strategies are not used in proper way. Be enough creative and start marketing, along with your customers knowing you in a trustable way!

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