VSI Strategy that Got 7 AIRs in the CA Intermediate Result Dec 2021

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After the announcement of the CA Intermediate Result of December 2021, VSI Jaipur has again proved why it is the best Institute in India. The VSI Jaipur Institute has continued its tradition of securing All India Ranks and giving a high CA Inter passing percentage Dec 2021 result.

With the help of the VSI CA Intermediate coaching, seven students secured rank under top 50 along with AIR 7. Moreover, 324 students cleared the CA Inter exams either, first, second, or both groups. In getting this result, the VSI Jaipur sure-success strategy played an important role. The VSI CA Intermediate strategy divides the study into 3 parts, i.e.,

CA Intermediate

  1. Timely Course Completion.
  2. Frequent Mock test Papers (Covering 100% Syllabus).
  3. Personalized Guidance to each student.

Now before getting into the details about the VSI strategy, let us know about the CA Intermediate exam result of December 2021.

VSI Jaipur CA Intermediate Result of December 2021

VSI Jaipur has made another record after the Dec 2021 result announcement by adding 7 more CA Intermediate Toppers to its list. In this CA Intermediate Dec 2021 result, VSI Jaipur got 7 All India Ranks, including Nikita Tinker, with 7th rank, and secured 652 marks out of 800.

Other than that, VSI got AIR 17, AIR 22, AIR 33, AIR 40, AIR 46, AND AIR 46. All the CA Intermediate toppers from VSI have accepted that along with their hard work, VSI also played a major role in getting such an amazing result. They consider the teacher’s efforts, personal guidance, mock test, and materials are equally crucial in their success.


Now, let us explore the major reason behind the great success of VSI.

VSI Strategy and Study Pattern that helped in getting the best CA Inter Result

Now, let us go through the VSI strategy and study pattern that have helped it get the best results in the CA Intermediate Exams consistently.

Timely Course Completion

VSI always focuses on completing the course on time so that students are left with proper time to revise the syllabus. VSI completes the CA Intermediate syllabus within five months. To complete the CA Intermediate syllabus, VSI Jaipur uses the ABC analysis. Under this analysis, they start with the portion which is more scoring.


Frequent Mock Test Series for all the Intermediate Papers

VSI Jaipur strongly believes that the mock test plays an important role in the entire CA Intermediate preparation. This is why VSI frequently conducts mock tests for all the subjects in the Intermediate. In total, VSI conducts 3 mock test series for each paper. This helps the students in revisions, gaining confidence, thus getting the best CA Intermediate result.

Experienced Faculty for all the Papers of CA Intermediate Exam

VSI Jaipur has experienced teachers for all the papers who have been training the CA aspirants for years. Every teacher has their expertise in the respective papers they are assigned with. So, studying at VSI ensures that you are learning from the best teachers. Moreover, they are also available to solve your doubts and queries.

Best Study and Revision Materials for CA Intermediate

VSI provides their own study modules, and revision notes that students can use for their CA Intermediate preparation. These notes are prepared with reference to the ICAI latest syllabus and last year’s papers. VSI Intermediate materials are available in both Hindi and English mediums so that the students can choose as per their preferences. These materials also have good sets of practice questions and previous year papers.

Personal Guidance For all the Intermediate Students

VSI Jaipur provides personal guidance for all Intermediate students. This guidance is given on the basis of the mock test performance. The answer sheets of each student are analyzed by the expert teachers and then the personalized CA Inter preparation strategy and guidance is provided. The teacher guides them with the topics on which they lack behind.

Details About the CA Intermediate Coaching

VSI CA Intermediate Coaching class is the most reliable coaching to get good scores in the CA Exams. The history of VSI shows that five students have secured AIR 1 in CA Intermediate result. This is all possible because of the well organized and managed CA Intermediate class whose features are mentioned below:

  • VSI conducts both online and offline mode of classes for the CA Intermediate courses.
  • The entire CA Intermediate course is completed in five months at VSI for proper time availability for revisions of the students.
  • VSI conducts three mock test series for each CA Intermediate subject.
  • Students get high-quality CA Intermediate material both in Hindi and English from VSI.

Hence, with the help of these high features sustained in VSI, students of VSI are getting good ranks for more than a decade.

How to Join VSI Coaching for the best CA Intermediate Result?

VSI Jaipur offers the students two very easy ways to join the classes for the best CA Intermediate Result. And these ways are:

  • Online: VSI Jaipur offers you the way to join the VSI Intermediate Classes through online mode. This is reliable and preferrable in case, you are unable to visit the institute. For this, you just need to open the VSI website and tap on the registration form and fill out all the required information. Next, you need to upload the documents for verification and later on you can submit the copies when you visit VSI for classes. At last, make the payment and finalize your admission.
  • Offline: VSI administration is always open for those who want to get offline admission. For offline admission, you need to bring the required certificates that can prove that you are eligible for the Intermediate course. Also, bring your pp size photographs. Fill out the registration form and attest all the documents. Make the payment either online or cash and become the past of VSI for the best Intermediate course.


Now, you know in detail how VSI Jaipur is achieving amazing CA Intermediate results for so many years. Not only the All India ranks but it also has a high CA Intermediate passing percentage. By following these CA Inter preparation strategies, VSI has built its name as the best CA Coaching in India.

So, to study from the best teachers, practice with quality mock test papers, get personalized guidance and ultimately the best CA Intermediate result, join the VSI Jaipur Coaching now.

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