Solve the Traffico Anomalo Google Error in 2 Min

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Traffico Anomalo Google’ also known as ‘we have detected suspicious traffic originating from your network’ is an error message and occurs when your device sends multiple requests at an extraordinary speed. This is sometimes seen by users if a search engine from one IP address receives the number of similar queries that exceed the limit.

In this case, Google tries to stop the flow of spam and offers to enter a captcha (recognition code). This is necessary to determine whether you are a person or a program. After the introduction, you will continue to work. This problem can arise for various reasons. Sometimes this is a reason to check for malware on your PC. Sometimes it does not depend on your actions and the state of the computer.

What Causes Traffico Anomalo Google?

If you rarely receive such a message, then there is a chance that it is not your device that is to blame, but the provider. This option is the most common. In this case, the error page is opened from both a regular laptop and a smartphone. It so happens that one IP is provided to several or many users. In this case, the problem may not be with you, but with one of your neighbors. But since Google regards all computers in the house as one address, you also get caught up in the captcha distribution.

Reasons for Traffico Anomalo Glitch on Google

Unusual traffic Google alert error

1. Viruses

Perhaps some application or program is making requests that you cannot see. You may even open a page asking you to enter a phone number, and then confirm with the code that came in the SMS. Don’t do this, you are dealing with deception.

2. Windows Activation

If you have a non-commercial version of the operating system, the built-in activator sends automatic requests, causing the Traffico Anomalo Google glitch.

Services for processing a large amount of the same type of material that is in the works.

3. VPN Plugins

They can create messages that violate the rules for using resources established by law.

Traffico Anomalo Google: What is it According to Google?

In support of Google, requests from various programs for collecting content and applications for promotion in the search results are called suspicious traffic.

Ways to fix the Error Message Traffico Anomalo Google

Traffico Anomalo Issue on Google

If the verification image that the search engine usually suggests is not there, apply these fixes:

1. Scan Your Computer for Malware

If you are on a public network, contact your administrator to help you find the source of the spam.

2. Turn on and off Your Router or Modem

If you are asked to enter a captcha from an unfamiliar page, you can be sure that there are viruses on your PC.

3. Using Antivirus

If the problem is with the provider and is constantly repeated, there is a little fix that can be done. But first, you need to report the error to the service provider and, if this does not help, change it.

But first, use antivirus software to scan your computer, for example, use Kaspersky.

The Chrome support page has instructions for users to remove malware for different operating systems. Proceed according to it and run the cleaning tool. You will then be prompted to reset your browser settings, all temporary files, passwords, and cookies. Click “Reset”.

4. Reinstall the Operating System

If this did not help and you have a version of Windows downloaded from the Internet, reinstall it in a different assembly.

5. Uninstall VPN software

Sometimes Google blocks a few VPN proxy programs because they violate its law or other rules. If you use services that access proxy server on your computer, disable anti-captcha and proxy to get rid of Traffico Anomalo error on Google.

You can also try turning the router on and off or manually changing the settings.


Traffico Anomalo Google is a problem for owners of stationary and mobile devices. It can arise for various reasons. Most often it consists of the fact that many users are registered on one IP.

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