Tips To Ensuring a Successful Detox Diet

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There are many things that build up toxicity in the body: Air pollutants, processed foods, chemicals from personal care products, and alcohol. Overtime, this can result in toxic overload symptoms, which include fatigue, brain fog, skin breakouts, digestive issues, and headaches. One way to rid the body of these unwanted chemicals and toxins is to do a detox diet. There are many different detox strategies, from eating certain foods to doing a cleanse, but the key is to do it successfully.

Practicing a Balanced Diet

Eating a balance of healthy foods is sometimes enough to assist the body’s ability to naturally flush out toxins. Take a step back and analyze your main eating habits. Do you eat mostly carbs, or are you on a high-protein or fat diet? If your diet seems to be missing a certain food group, consider balancing what you eat for a while and see if you feel better. Leave out processed foods, excess caffeine, and alcohol, and include protein, whole grains, and veggies or fruit with each meal.

Detoxifying Fruits & Veggies

The specific food you eat can make a difference, as some foods are naturally detoxifying. Many fruits and veggies are great, as they often have high water content and high nutritional value. Good detox types include:

  • Cucumbers
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Grapefruit
  • Beets
  • Berries  

There are also various detox herbs that support the natural cleansing process. Some good ones to add to a detox diet include dandelion leaf, red clover blossom, milk thistle, juniper berry, echinacea, and green tea.

Drinking Lots of Water

Drinking adequate amounts of water is imperative to get the best results from a detox cleanse. There are numerous ways toxins leave the body, including sweat glands and urine, and the more hydrated you are, the more efficiently the toxins will flush out. During a detox diet, switch out sweetened beverages for water or tea.

Getting Adequate Sleep

Sleep is the time in which your body heals and restores. You should get adequate sleep all the time, but when you are going through a detox, you should always aim for at least eight hours every night.

Following the Directions

If you are doing a Detoxify herbal cleanse, it may seem obvious, but it will have a more successful outcome if you follow the directions. Most cleanses will have you drink the detox drink and then follow it with a specific amount of water taken at specific intervals. This keeps you hydrated to help you flush things out.

Some cleanses may also suggest you follow a pre-cleanse regimen and avoid chemicals and toxins, such as alcohol, tobacco, processed foods, and refined sugars, on the days you are doing the cleanse. The better you follow the directions and tips, the more effective your results will be.

Some people will do a detox only when they are noticing toxic symptoms, while others do it on a regular basis to prevent toxic buildup. No matter how often you do a detox cleanse, you will have better results if you do it correctly.

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