SmartKarrot Review: Reliable Customer Success Management Platform

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SmartKarrot Review : Reliable Customer Success Management Platform

SmartKarrot is a market leading customer success company, with locations across the world including India. The company was founded with the strong need to make every customer a success. SmartKarrot is now one of the leading customer success management platforms due to its key offerings as a company and commitment to ensure customer success.

SmartKarrot started out as an automated engagement platform and grew on to become a multi-level integrator of customer success. The founders Mr. Prithwi Dasguptaand Mr. Arnab Chatterjee share a common belief of building a company based on customer success and this led to the highly reliable, scaled up version of SmartKarrot.

SmartKarrot delves into the basic marketing metric that customer retention is the key to success. The SaaS platform as conceptualised by the team is very efficient for organisations of all sizes. You can be a multi-customer account holder or a startup- SmartKarrot’s platform can be integrated to fit your needs.

Let’s dig deeper into what the customer success platform offers, the details of how it works and how it can transform your company.

SmartKarrot Customer Success Solutions

Customer Onboarding

Customer Onboarding is the first opportunity to create a good impression and usually poses significant challenges. Pre-planned, well-strategized, effective onboarding process will bring attention to every aspect of the product and amplify customer experience.

Customer Experience and Engagement

SmartKarrot’s highly recommended solution is that of its personalised customer experience which leads to loyalty. Automated touchpoints, notifications, identification of user behaviour via usage are all possible through SmartKarrot’s customer experience solution. SmartKarrot engages and retains users at various touchpoints via hyper personalised interactions that will keep the organisations on the top of customer’s minds.

Customer Retention

Another solution is of Customer Retention via churn reduction. Using the SmartKarrot solution, companies can identify at-risk customers to define the action to result in less churn. Churn is inevitable but churn reduction is possible if proactive measures are taken to help the customer consistently.

Upselling and Cross-selling

Expansion of accounts is what every company wants. With SmartKarrot’s customer solutions, organisations can identify, execute and monitor account expansions via real-time reports and early indicators. Timely identification of well-optimised accounts to potentially expand via upselling is another feature every B2B SaaS company will love.

User Adoption

Customer insights from various data sources needs to be acted upon to navigate customers in the right direction towards product adoption. You can understand product usage and drive segmented campaigns to achieve high degree customisation.

Product Success

Leverage product usage and interaction to assess the impact of product on customer’s business and understand engagement levels. You can make informed product decisions about upgrades, flow funnels, heat-maps and other milestones to ensure the customer is using the product to its fullest potential.

With SmartKarrot, you can see meaningful 360-view of customer health and insights that will allow you to configure how you can optimise them better for retention and churn reduction.


Customer Success is important for the long-term health of your company and with SmartKarrot, you can do exactly that. The pricing plans are transparent and flexible with comprehensive features.

Some plans include:

Starter Plan

$499/month for usage upto 5 Users.


  • All features
  • Free Sandbox
  • All integrations

Growth Plan

$699/month for usage upto 15 Users


  • All features
  • Free Sandbox
  • All integrations

Enterprise Plan

Custom Pricing for >15 users

Private cloud based on needs and more

All plans offer the following benefits

  • Comprehensive set of features
  • Free 14 Day Trial
  • Flexible Custom options
  • No implementation costs
  • No hidden charges

The set of features included in every plan are:

  • 360 View of Customer
  • Segmentation of customers
  • Customer health dashboard
  • Customer survey
  • Customer campaigns
  • Product adoption
  • Customer success automation
  • Early warning system
  • Customer success operations

Data Privacy

Data shared with SmartKarrot is 100% secure and cloud-hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The architecture is highly encrypted to ensure safety of both data in motion and at rest.

Why Companies should Choose SmartKarrot Customer Success Management Platform

  • High-end well-defined solutions for every stage of customer journey
  • Hotspot identification for company success
  • Flexible pricing plans for every measure
  • Customised solutions based on organisation requirements
  • Resources to better customer retention online
  • Periodic assessment of customer health with real-time reports
  • GDPR compliant
  • Global team with strong leadership

Bottomline: Customer Retention = Your Growth

It is no new concept that it’s easier to retain customers than adding new ones. Keeping this in mind, its important to protect your business for tomorrow. Stay on top of your customer’s minds and retain them by identifying and mitigating churn. You can gain massive results, save time and achieve customer success which eventually results in company success.

SmartKarrot’s solutions can turn your company customers into the best growth engine by improving adoption, retention, and reducing churn. Through automation, you can manage high-volume portfolios and create strategic relationships which are essential drivers for your company growth.

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