The professional background of Miroslav Vyboh

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Miroslav Vyboh is a Slovak businessman, holds a degree in economics, and is, among others, the Honorary Consul of the Principality of Monaco. Miroslav Vyboh is a global fund manager, and chairman, active in the fields of land and monetary advisory through his organizations Middlecap, AMW, and Mayfair Assets Ltd.

Founder of AMW

Indeed, Miroslav Vyboh founded AMW in 2007, a private company, which aims to acquire and develop prime commercial real estate projects located in Slovakia, both for income generation and capital gains.

Founder of Mayfair Assets Limited

A few years later, the Slovak businessman founded Mayfair Assets Limited, which is a limited liability company with its headquarters in London, England. Miroslav Vyboh’s company provides a range of tailored services to UK-based high-net-worth clients and their families. Mayfair Assets Limited aims to provide the best support by retaining only the best managers and advisers, enabling them to address all the issues.

Birth of MiddleCap

For Miroslav Vyboh and his property businesses, the key year was 2018. In that year, Miroslav Vyboh’s London-based company, Mayfair Assets Limited, and MiddleCap Equity Partners officially merged and became known under the brand name “MiddleCap”, which is based in Luxembourg. Indeed, the merger of the two companies has allowed MiddleCap to benefit from Miroslav Vyboh’s expertise and reputation in real estate investment and MiddleCap Equity Partners’ experience in asset management.

By creating a new brand based in Luxembourg, MiddleCap was also able to take advantage of a favorable tax and regulatory environment for asset management, which strengthened its position in the market. This strategic decision was crucial to the future success of the company.

President of MiddleCap

Currently, the organization is based in Luxembourg with offices in Bratislava, London, Prague, Monaco, and Dubai. In addition to providing a full range of advisory services in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, acquisition restructurings, and corporate finance, the group acts as a long-term investor.

Over the past three years, the firm has advised on transactions in excess of €800 million. The total volume of real estate projects completed to date has exceeded €110 million.

MiddleCap’s experts

Middlecap has a corporate group of 55 experts in various specialized units and related organizations. They are aware that in this highly competitive environment, they have to offer something special in order to gain the trust of investors and partners while keeping them. Therefore, commitment, trust, determination, fairness, and professionalism are the “backbone” around which they develop and expand their activities. 

At MiddleCap, the experts try to bring new and innovative thinking to everything they do, and their group is the result of a unique blend of diverse and complementary business activities, growing global relationships, a long-term perspective, and, above all, a dynamic culture that values business, innovation, teamwork, and moral integrity. All of this enables them to develop good ideas, help companies grow more intensely, discover new markets, and protect the value they have gained.

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