What is Web Hosting? How its works

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is the process by which a business or organization hosts its own websites on a Web server. Web Hosting involves a set of processes and steps to be followed for the hosting of websites on the web. This process is very important for the proper operation of a website and a business. The … Read more

Make help desk a service desk profit centre

Make help desk a service desk profit centre 2021

The help desk serves the purpose of addressing customer’s grievances and queries whereas service desk takes care of the customer experience. If you can ensure an amazing customer experience, you will witness higher customer retention and customer satisfaction rates, thereby ensuring higher sales and profits. So if the help desk had been your priority till … Read more

Top 10 benefits of Email Marketing

Benefits of Email marketing

Benefits of Email Marketing Research from Adobe approximates that millennials invest concerning 6.4 hrs daily reviewing their e-mails. It’s not simply millennials making use of e-mail. Lots of people make use of e-mail daily, and also they check their inbox everywhere: while working out, consuming, as well as even making use of the shower room. … Read more

Best 8 Islands in The Maldives to Honeymoon in 2021

Maldives to Honeymoon

The Maldives is a paradise of white-sand beaches and stunning views. It’s also home to breathtaking islands. Overwater bungalows that offer a unique experience are well-known. The romantic Islands of Maldives offer many opportunities for you to spark the flame of love. This list of the best islands in the Maldives to honeymoon will provide … Read more

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