7 Ways Omega 3 Supplements Can Support Overall Well-Being

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Omega 3 supplements have many benefits. Omega 3 fatty acids have been thoroughly studied, and the benefits they bestow for health and well-being support your health. Here are ten of the many ways omega 3 supplements can support your overall health and well-being.

1. Support Mental Well-Being

In today’s world, we hear regularly about the struggles we all face with maintaining mental health and wellness. Stress, financial concerns, health concerns and world news are just the beginning of the influences we face every day. Everyone could use an extra tool in their toolkit to support their mental well-being.

2. Support Eye Health

One of the structural components in the retina of the eye is called DHA. Studies conducted by the National Eye Institute have linked high DHA levels to vision maintenance.

By increasing the levels of DHA in the eye you can help support eye health and maintain good vision.

3. Maintain Healthy Skin

DHA is also a structural component of your skin, helping to keep cell membranes healthy. Healthy cell membranes provide soft, supple skin that doesn’t easily wrinkle. Additionally, omega 3 can protect your skin from sun damage by blocking the substances that erode collagen.

Including a supplement in your routine can help your body maintain skin health by increasing the levels of DHA that support these processes.

4. Promote Brain Growth and Development During Pregnancy

A study published in Reviews in Obstetrics and Gynecology found that adequate levels of omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial to the development of healthy brains and retinas during pregnancy. Since fish consumption is low in the United States, they recommend that obstetricians advise their patients to include supplements in their pregnancy plans.

5. Support Healthy Behaviors in Children

A Yale University study linked improved attention, reduced impulsiveness and lower hyperactivity in children with higher omega 3 levels. The finding in these studies suggests that including a daily supplement may help support these behaviors and support the overall wellness of children.

6. Help Your Brain Stay Healthy as You Age

A Brazilian study has found that omega 3 fatty acids can maintain your brain as it ages, and support healthy cognitive function in older people. A study at the Sinai Hospital in Baltimore found omega 3 played a role in delaying brain aging and slowing cognitive decline. Including a daily supplement may help your brain stay healthy well into your golden years.

7. Support Healthy Sleep

One of the basic foundations for good health, sleep is essential for feeling your best. Studies published by the National Institute of Health have linked high levels of omega 3 with increased length and quality of sleep, contributing in numerous ways to overall health.

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