A Look at Office 365 Forms Tutorial

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In this modern era, data plays a huge role in the numerous changes that have been made in business,  the technology sector, and several other areas. When you have good data, you can analyze it and use the information to make ground-breaking decisions. However, you need the right tools to collect this data, store it and analyze it.

Microsoft Office 365 Forms are one of the various tools that can be used to collect data. Your business can use this application to collect data from current and potential customers, your employees, and other stakeholders. You can then leverage this data to make good decisions that are key to improving your business.

Microsoft Forms is a part of the Office 365 application, that enables you to create surveys, questionnaires, and polls as a means of collecting data. The data can then be exported to applications such as MS Excel for analysis. In this post, we look at how to create forms in Office 365. Continue reading to find out more.

Getting started with Microsoft forms

To access Office 365 forms from your MS Office package, you will either need a Microsoft Education plan, or any of the Microsoft Enterprise plans including, E5, or F3. You can as well access Microsoft forms if you already own a personal Microsoft account.

If you are new to Microsoft Forms, getting started can be challenging especially considering the various ways available that you can use to access the app. If you are having a hard time, search online for MS forms help or an Office 365 forms tutorial. Some of the apps that you can access Office 365 forms through include SharePoint, Excel online, OneNote, and OneDrive.

Recording data using Microsoft forms

Microsoft forms help can guide you through the various ways you can record data using the Microsoft Forms app. Basically, quantifying and recording the data will be greatly dependent on the form you use. You can easily create a template document of your own, key in data quickly using these forms, start a workflow, or even request services. While some other platforms work in a similar way, like Office 365 Forms, none of them come close to MS forms in terms of effectiveness, speed, and efficiency.

Microsoft Forms tutorial

The MS Forms tutorial provides you with a simple guide on how to create Microsoft forms. You can create a form that can be shared with your customers or target audience which can help you gather important feedback. From the feedback, you can make necessary adjustments to suit the needs of your target customers. You can create forms in office 365 using the following steps.

1. Open your web browser and visit forms.microsoft.com.

2. If you have a Microsoft account you can proceed to sign in and if you do not have one, you will have to create one.

3. After accessing your MS account, the ‘My forms’ icon will pop up. Click here and select the new form option.

4. On the new form, you will be required to give it a name and an optional subtitle if needed. The name should not exceed 90 characters while the subtitle can be a thousand characters or less.

5. You can then proceed to add questions to the form. This is simple as you will just select the add question option on the form. Here you also have the option to choose the various styles or forms in which your questions will appear.

6. Preview your survey, making sure everything has been keyed in properly.

7. Check out how your survey appears across various web platforms and devices and then submit it if it is okay.

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