Is it worthwhile to start an Amazon FBA business?

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Millions of sellers use FBA these days, and you may be wondering if it’s worth it or not to make an investment. I’ll try to answer this question by analyzing cost, ease of implementation, and growth potential.

1. Cost

Of course, Amazon FBA is not a free service; you must pay a subscription fee and rent a storage facility. Your storage charge will vary depending on product type and your storage size.

If you sell garments or heavy & oversized items, the charge will be higher than other items. Thus, this may not be worth it if you sell such items. Otherwise, it is worthwhile since it saves time and money in business operations at a reasonable cost.

2. Ease of doing

It is the most straightforward selling business to start because Amazon will handle your storage, packing, and shipping, so you won’t need ample space or workers to get started. 

Another advantage that you will get a lot of flexibility in work duty is the customer service offered by Amazon FBA.

After evaluating the costs, simplicity of running a business, and growth potential, it can be concluded that choosing the right product to sell on Amazon FBA and conducting thorough research is the best approach to make money, and it is worthwhile.

The scenario of competition on Amazon FBA business

In the Amazon FBA business, there is intense competition. Maintaining a large number of sales while keeping a consistent profit is difficult. When your listing product receives more and more clicks, Amazon’s algorithm assists you in reaching the top of the product research rankings.

To stay ahead of the competition, you must conduct extensive research for a product with a high profit and long-term potential. includes several articles on how to conduct the best product research using various zonbase software tools to maintain a smooth selling process on your Amazon FBA business.

How much money can you earn as an Amazon FBA seller? 

If you have good research and marketing skills, Amazon FBA is the most acceptable option to make money on e-commerce platforms. Selling on Amazon FBA earns an average of $ 1000 per month, with a successful FBA seller making $250,000 per month. 

  • 50 % of the sellers generate approximately $12,000 to $300,000 per year 
  • About 26% of sellers make less than $1000 
  • About 5% of sellers create more than $3 million annually.

Is it late to start the Amazon FBA business in 2022?

Nothing is late if you begin by putting forth effort and time. 

Although this does not imply that you can make money by working hard in any business, you can see that Amazon is still profitable due to its market penetration and the expanding trend of e-commerce following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Amazon FBA is still profitable in 2022 because it is cost-effective and straightforward. 

There’s still an opportunity in 2022 to make money the most out of the situation with a good strategy and plan to thrive in business.

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