How Movies Influence Us

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How Movies Influence Us

Are you an avid movie lover? Movies are arguably one of the most influential sectors in this modern day.

Movies are storylines that can change our outlook on life. They are a powerful and excellent source of entertainment. Good films tend to influence viewers into cultural shifts through strong themes and messages. Most award-winning movies have this effect on society.  You can download these films for free on The Pirate Bay.

How Movies Impact our Society

Movies teach us history

Factual movies bring history and critical events in man’s past to life. We can connect to past generations and understand their afflictions, culture, and lives through movies. For instance, “12 Years A Slave” depicts the racial injustices African Americans faced for centuries. World war movies highlight the events before and after the conflicts and their impact on society. Lastly, the fictional film “Gladiator” heavily features the Roman empire’s history.


Movies shape and mirror culture

Movies are set in scenes that portray different cultures.  They show the attitudes, beliefs, flaws, and strengths of people in a given region. Translations and subtitles allow us to experience a variety of cultures portrayed in movies. For instance, thousands of viewers enjoyed Spanish Netflix’s “Narcos” series despite a language barrier. Films make it easier to discern issues that affect us. When movies challenge our flawed culture, question our beliefs, and initiate change.


People also copy trends and behavior featured in movies. Our language borrows heavily from the figures of speech and catchy vocabulary actors use. All these influences shape new cultures and make flawed ones redundant.


Movies create awareness of societal issues

Movies feature multiple aspects of our life like divorce, death, sickness, unemployment, etc. For instance, school-related films highlight issues school-going children face particularly as teenagers. Through films, we learn the impact of drug abuse, crime, war, terrorism, etc. According to a study, films can change young people’s attitudes towards life and socialization.


Movies stir empathy in viewers who haven’t experienced certain hardships. They sensitize us to people’s suffering and appeal to our moral compass. Storylines usually present characters with choices that have consequences. Such movies are an excellent portrayal of morality for young children.


Movies shape identity

Sociologists discovered that our environment and the content we consume shape our identities significantly. Interestingly, this phenomenon is seen in superhero fans who love fantasies and is the foundation of events like Comic-con. Famous personalities influence our mannerisms and preferences. People mimic their idols and marketing experts use this to their advantage. Advertisers sponsor products placed in movie sets. They encourage actors you use these products to influence viewers’ decisions. Notably,  the movie “Nerve”  that stars Emma Roberts used Apple products on its set.


Movies inspire humanity

Good movies teach, entertain and inspire us. Many movies encourage people to pursue their passions, face their fears, and perform random acts of kindness. “The Shawshank Redemption”, a seven-time Academy Award winner, is a great example of a movie that inspires us to be resilient and patient. The iconic oak tree featured in this movie also became a symbol of hope.


Negative Influence Of Movies

Despite the above positive influences of movies, some films affect us negatively.


Movies have immense power to influence society’s politics and economy. Some influential people use movies to spread propaganda. For instance, leaders like Adolf Hitler used films as a tool in World 2.


Parenting challenges

As the popularity of online movies grows, parents are faced with the challenge of instilling morals and discipline in their children. Some movies sensationalize sex, drugs, and theft.


Desensitization of Feelings

Several psychologists believe that some movies may erode our ability to empathize. Movies that depict violence and other crimes against humanity may make human suffering look acceptable. As a result, bystander apathy is on the rise as more people passively watch gruesome fights and accidents without offering help. The tendency to avoid a victim who’s in need is an indirect influence of watching such films.



The film industry is one of the most influential forms of art. They shape our culture and identity, create awareness on certain issues, and inspire us. However, some movies have certain negative influences that shape our history and interactions with others.

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