Helping an Older Loved One Cope with Loneliness

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It is understandable why older loved ones may feel lonely. It may be that they no longer have anyone living with them or their friends are no longer with us. You do not have to let a loved one be consumed by isolation and loneliness. To help make things better, here are some tips that you may find helpful in helping older loved ones cope with loneliness.

Help Them Make Friends

It is always a great idea to help a loved one meet new people. They may enjoy the companionship at first and this companionship could then turn into a friendship that they can turn to when they need emotional or other types of support. Also, friends who are closer to their age may understand what they are going through better than you could.

Encourage Them to Get out When They Can

Getting out and experiencing the surroundings can have a profound effect on our health and well-being. Getting out of the house can also help reduce social isolation and is great for reducing the stress and repression that comes with loneliness and isolation.

Encourage your loved one to explore a city block or visit the nearest park. Going out can also be a great way of meeting new people with whom they can then forgefriendships.

Consider Assisted Living

The conversation about assisted living is a difficult one to have, especially for seniors who are used to their independence. However, talking to them about the potential benefits of living in an assisted living facility, especially one that tries to create a communal living situation, is a wise idea. Facilities like McKnight Place assisted living are known for the great communities they foster among the residents as well as between the residents and everyone who works there. Assisted living is also great for loved ones at risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Sign Them Up for Home Visitations

There are numerous organizations that offer home visitations for the elderly. They do this to check up on your loved ones, to ensure they are eating properly, and to ensure your loved ones know they have someone they can reach out to in case of any issues they may have.

These home visits are great for dealing with isolation. You can look up these organizations online and find those that are closest to you.

Find Them a Pet

Most people do not feel lonely once they have a pet in the house. Pets love unconditionally, they don’t judge or criticize, and are very accepting. Pets also give lots of pleasure to their owners. If your loved one is not allergic to any pets, getting them a furry friend will do them a world of good.

Help Them Start a Diary

Reminiscing is a great way of recalling aspects of our lives that make us happy. Reminiscing has also been shown to help people feel less lonely and unhappy. Helping a loved one start a diary where they can reminisce about their life and the good times can be very helpful and therapeutic.

Helping a senior loved one deal with loneliness can be great for their mental and emotional health. Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to help deal with feelings of loneliness.

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