Guide for Your Visit to a Metal Detector Store

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It may be an overwhelming choice to make when buying equipment at a metal detector store, especially if it is your first visit. But, don’t worry, we have got you covered. In this article, we’ve come up with all the information with the assistance of Teknetics Direct to ensure you get the best metal detector for your adventures.

Vital Features of Metal Detector

At first, you should know the minimum features your equipment should have. Though the modern equipment will have the following features, it is still better to check, so there are no problems.

Coil Configuration

It is one of the most vital components in the detector. It is responsible for handling multiple variations, including sensitivity, frequency, and discrimination. Therefore, make sure that the coil has one of these configurations:

  • Concentric coil
  • Double-D coil
  • Mono loop coil

Coil Size

The size of the coil is directly proportionate to the search depth. It means the larger the loop is, the more it can go to the depth (above 9 inches); whereas, the small ones can only go to 6-inches. So, when you are looking for a metal detector for sale, decide what target you expect to achieve.


This feature will allow you to ignore the metals you do not want. For instance, it is common for detectors to pick up aluminum caps. But with proper discrimination settings, the equipment will not pick up the signals you aren’t interested in.


This feature shows how capable the equipment is of discovering small metal detecting finds. But, if your targets are regular-sized items, you won’t be needing a machine with high sensitivity.

Target ID

It helps to identify the value of the object you found. Generally, it would help if you looked for detectors with a wide range of target IDs built-in. This way, the recognition will be much easier.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing At a Metal Detector Store

Hunter should never buy equipment on a single person’s recommendation. You should look around for options and decide what will be best for your requirements. Before making a final decision, you should ask yourself the following questions:

How often will you use the detectors?

Are you going to use the detector occasionally? Or, are you planning to spend more considerate time on the hobby? If you are planning to hunt more often, invest in a good metal detector that can offer various features to help you identify the targets quickly.

What is your total budget?

The good news is you can find suitable detectors at a great value. The price is low enough to allow you to purchase metal detecting accessories along with it as well. The pairing up of equipment with the extra items will help you succeed at finding unique targets.

Where will you use the detector?

The type of detector to choose depends on the terrain you are hunting on. So, make sure you consider the features of the equipment to see if it will work on the site.

These are some of the shopping tips to get metal detectors for sale. If you still have any confusion, you can ask the experts at the store to help you decide.

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