Getting started with content marketing> how do you start?

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Why start with content marketing?

Content marketing is a hot concept and a term that everyone is familiar with these days. Why would you as an entrepreneur or organization do something with it? Because it’s a perfect way to reach your target audience with the right information through the right channel.

One company is already well on its way and has already embedded content marketing in the organization, the other company is now taking some first steps. Are those companies late? Nope, it’s always a good time to think about content (marketing).

From Consigo we often get the question from entrepreneurs what exactly it means and how they can get started with it.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the strategic creation and distribution of valuable, relevant and attractive content to reach and engage a predetermined target audience. Get your Pro website for your small business with aleph website

Of course, content marketing goes beyond visibility. By using content marketing you can show what your (brand) stands for and what you can do for (potential) customers.

When using content marketing, for example, consider the videos of Koffiediscounter, in which they explain how their devices work. Or Albert Heijn with their inspiration magazine and online videos on how to make certain dishes.

Most organizations are not yet ready to compare themselves with the above two companies. That’s why I’m giving you 5 tips that will help you get started with content marketing.

1. Content marketing starts small

The title says enough. Start small. Think in small steps. Of course it is important to focus on your goal(s) and (marketing) strategy, but if you have done (too) little with the use of content, that is still a step too far. You often do not have the time, budget and perhaps manpower to spend hours per week on this.

So just start posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (or any other channel where your target audience is) and see what happens. Do not suddenly expect dozens of requests or newsletter subscriptions.

What you mainly learn this way is how to make posts on social media, write blogs and make it more part of your work. If you want make a website then you need to learn about website making cost.

2. Think about what content you already have

We often hear that companies find it difficult to post something: ‘What am I talking about again? What should I post now?’ are frequently asked questions we hear. Last year, for example, I helped one of our customers, a specialist in orthopedic aids, with the deployment/start of content marketing.

A wonderful company where a lot of content was already present within the company. Yet every week I get that question from them. So they themselves did not realize what was already available.

I showed them what content means. Together with them, they came up with topics/themes that were all already present within the company and thought through which they could help their target group.

This way they saw that it was less difficult than they thought before. After a few months I noticed that it started to come alive in the organization and that many colleagues in the company themselves came up with ideas to start creating and distributing content.

3. Focus on original, consistent content targeting your audience

This seems a bit obvious, but it still happens very often: telling too much who you are and what you stand for. Thinking too much from the company’s point of view. Dry information that most readers do not want. Make sure you create and/or post content that helps your target audience further.

For example: write an article in which you give 3 tips if you want to exercise with a prosthesis. To return for a moment to the specialist in orthopedic aids. These are questions that their customers also have.

Do you run a company that helps people lose weight? Then make sure that you regularly provide valuable information in which you help people who find it difficult to lose weight. So share your knowledge and expertise!

4. Monitor, optimize and improve where necessary

What is often forgotten is measuring all the effort you have made. You’ve probably spent quite a bit of time writing, creating, and publishing articles. Make sure you know what this has resulted in. In another blog of my colleague you can read why the use of Analytics is so important.

Here you can see very well what your social media posts, blog posts and other content have delivered in terms of traffic to your website. And even more fun: did it lead to conversions?

Plan for yourself at least once a month to look at Analytics, Facebook or LinkedIn. Monitor your efforts, analyze the amount, optimize and improve where necessary. In this way you ultimately ensure better and more consistent content.

5. Celebrate your results!

Last but not least, celebrate the results you achieved! Have many people read your message and clicked through to the website? Top! Has someone made a contact request after a Facebook message? Even more beautiful.

Did you receive a quote request after posting a blog? Super! Celebrate those beautiful results! After all, you worked hard for it. That way you know you’re on the right track?

Want to know more about content marketing?

Do you want to start your company with result-oriented content marketing campaigns? Or do you want a fresh look at your content marketing approach? We have a lot of experience in devising, organizing, and optimizing content marketing campaigns. Let us know what challenge you have.

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