Create best marketplace website with online software

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Ecommerce marketplace websites are gold mines when done in the right way. A store owner may need an online shopping cart software development tool that could cater to the requirement of creating a niche store or a multi-vendor marketplace.

The eCommerce cart would be known to be the best marketplace software only when a customer comes to your site to have a positive shopping experience. This could be achieved with a properly analyzed business strategy and a suitable development platform.

How To Create best marketplace website with online software

Some of the essential features that the best marketplace website should possess are:  

Intuitive Design:

The design of your store determines how your customer will behave on your application. With an attention span of8 seconds, it highly important that the user should understand your platform, what is your ideology, and what all you are selling. It is recommended not to use high-end animations and lots of text as this will end up bouncing of a user from your website. A professionally designed user interface entices the user because the ease of use will be high.


It is essential that user payment and card information should be kept encrypted and as a secret with the platform owner. Details like bank account details, address, CVV pin, and much more, should be kept secure from penetrators. A store owner has to make sure that there are no loopholes when it comes to security and that transactions are done in compliance with PCI DSS standards.

Great Images and Visuals: Images and other visuals like descriptive/demo videos help in the conversion of the product to sale. In eCommerce, images say a lot about your brand and your product. The professionally clicked photograph should be used to showcase authenticity. This will boost customer trust to buy the product from your platform.

Social Media Integration: To become the best marketplace software you need to have social media platforms integrated to ease out the sharing and registration process. Your platform should be equipped with all the social media icons like Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, and Facebook, so that customers could share the product they like to have added to their wishlist with their companions and ask for suggestions.

Social media registration is a must to have to let the user register and log in with the Social media accounts and save time creating a new profile for your eCommerce store.

Easy Checkout: A difficult process to do cart checkout would lead to cart abandonment. An easy checkout process and the ability to add products of any category or by any vendor or manufacturer to the cart and pay at once for all help in cart retainment and get the payment done rightly. The amount should get split amongst all the vendors whose products were there in the cart judicially. Also, the vendor should have the facility to get their payouts when the window is open without any late.

There are many eCommerce platforms in the market. Some are monolithic with conventional subscription plans which have less to offer and more to demand. Some are new in the market which is good for a startup but becomes a bottleneck when a company starts progressing.

Moreover, there is a platform that charges more and more when your store starts to progress. Isn’t there any alternative that would cater to all the problems. Yes, Sellacious is an ideal platform that not only helps you create a platform with all the above-mentioned features but also ensures you scale the features as per your requirements.

It is a platform that provides more than 5000 eCommerce features to be applied in conjunction with each other.

It is a software package that helps you accept customer payment and shipping, automatic tax and discount calculations, rating and reviews of product and vendors by guest and customers, badges for vendors, coupon generation, easy vendor registration, and marketplace features, upload products, create product categories, add product and vendor description, and much more.

With Sellacious it is guaranteed that the conversion rates would increase and the level of abandoned carts would decrease. Choose Wisely, Choose Sellacious!

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