Best WP Engine Web Hosting Review 2022

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Best WP Engine Web Hosting Review 2022

  • With WordPress controlling over 30% all things considered, it is no big surprise then that many web facilitating administrations are scrambling to have this substance the board framework.
  • One of the greater names in this space is WP Engine. Before we get into the quick review of this web-facilitating supplier, how about we become acquainted with this host somewhat better first.
  • Established by Jason Cohen in 2010, WP Engine is currently settled in Austin, Texas, with workplaces in San Antonio, Limerick, London, San Francisco, and Brisbane.Today, the host underpins “more than 85,000 clients in more than 140 nations and more than 500,000 web encounters internationally.”
  • Much more exceptional is WP Engine’s case that “5% of the web visits a website on WP Engine’s foundation consistently.”
  • Indeed, shading us dazzled, at that point.
  • Before we start this review you should check the best under 100 things to buy below 100$.
  • In this WP Engine Review, we are springing up the ‘Motor’ hood and checking everything — including worker reaction time, uptime, backing, valuing, and that’s just the beginning.

WP Engine Review – Absolutely Amazing with Solid Features

1. Server Response Time

  • As per WP Engine, it uses its exclusive Evercache framework to boost speed.
  • Other than that, it’s completely overseen worldwide substance conveyance organization (CDN) likewise helps in such manner by steering neighborhood solicitations to the closest worker.
  • What this implies regarding execution is that your site can easily oversee traffic spikes.
  • What’s more, in the event that you are exchanging over from another host, WP Engine even ventures to such an extreme as to guarantee that you will “appreciate a normal of 27% quicker burden times by changing to WP Engine.”
  • Yet, not one to simply acknowledge claims, we ran our very own few trials to look at its stacking speeds.

A brisk go through Pingdom yields the accompanying outcomes:

  • London : 81 seconds
  • Tokyo : 33 seconds
  • Washington D.C.: 24 seconds
  • San Francisco: 87 seconds
  • Sydney: 00 seconds
  • São Paulo: 11 seconds
  • Frankfurt: 06 seconds

Unfortunately, apparently, WP Engine’s stacking speeds are uncontrollably conflicting.

More terrible, the stacking speeds are a long way from noteworthy, as well.

We, as a whole, ability speed affecting our day by day life, a millisecond implies a great deal in the present norm.

That is the reason we tried the quickest distributed storage. Indeed, back to our WP Engine speed test.

Probably, we would order them as just average.

2. Location

  • The closer the guest to your site is to the server farm, the better the worker reaction time will be.
  • The impression that WP Engine has it secured as it has server farms all around the globe.
  • A portion of the server farmworker areas incorporates Mountain View (California), London (UK), St. Ghislain (Belgium), Germany, Canada, Australia, and Changhua County (Taiwan).
  • Along these lines, ensure that you settle on the server farm area closest to where most of your site guests are originating from.

3. Uptime

  • Uptime is basically the measure of time that your site is accessible to guests over a given period.
  • It is likewise, commonly, the most significant measurement for a host.
  • You need a web facilitating supplier that conveys close ideal uptime to guarantee that you don’t miss out on guests or clients.
  • As we were unable to locate a particular uptime anyplace in WP Engine’s site, we went to its live talk for help.
  • As indicated by a WP Engine’s delegate, the host ensures no under 99.5% worker and site uptime.
  • That means barely four hours of personal time a year — not the best in the market but rather still fairly respectable.

4. Support

  • You can contact WP Engine by means of three different ways: all day, every day live visit (as should be obvious above), call, and email.
  • Obviously, our favored technique remains the live talk.
  • WP Engine’s live visit framework is productive and advantageous.
  • A client assistance operator is very quickly accessible to support you.
  • The operator we visited gives off the impression of being very learned.
  • We do, notwithstanding, have some minor problem dependent on our discussion with the specialist.
  • To start with, there was a considerable amount of a hold up between our inquiries/proclamations and the specialist’s answers.
  • Other than that, the operator additionally pushed for a call as opposed to the proceeding by means of live talk.
  • While we can surely value the adequacy of calls, it merits remembering that individuals ordinarily pick the contact strategy they are generally alright with.
  • In conclusion, when we requested a clarification to a straightforward inquiry, the operator alluded us to a connection — to an old article, no less — instead of really clarifying it.
  • We know there’s a FAQ segment, yet more often than not, it won’t tackle our particular issue.

5. Complimentary gifts

  • Much the same as each other web has, WP Engine, as well, offers a bonus to show up more appealing.
  • One of the more accommodating complimentary gifts is that WP Engine accompanies 36 premium topics highlighting worked in SEO and security.
  • Other than that, the host likewise performs day by day reinforcements on your site to guarantee the security of your substance and your site.
  • There is likewise, obviously, the more common contributions, including free CDN and SSL endorsements.
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security convention that permits safe sending of delicate data (for example, Visa data) over the Internet.
  • With the free SSL endorsements, guests to your site can securely peruse or shop without any reservations.
  • Tragically, WP Engine doesn’t offer email locations, and you would need to enroll with an outer organization for mail.
  • Aside from that, it additionally doesn’t give a free area name — which is a crying disgrace.
  • Particularly so when you have numerous a lot less expensive hosts like Bluehost, Hostinger, and Dreamhost, all giving free spaces.
  • With WP Engine, you would need to enlist for a space name with an area recorder like NameCheap.

6. Pricing

  • There is actually no real way to gloss over this: WP Engine is costly.
  • Yet, it merits referencing that WP Engine (generally) targets designers, organizations, and greater estimated organizations.
  • They are not obliging those new to web facilitating or those running a little blogging website — at any rate, not explicitly.
  • Thus, its costs likewise mirror its objective market.
  • Be that as it may be that you are hoping to develop your site and have the cash to spend, completely don’t let WP Engine’s objective market discourage you.
  • Presently, WP Engine offers four plans: Startup, Growth, Scale, and Custom.


This passage level arrangement is intended for a little site or blog. It costs $30.00 every month (whenever paid yearly) yet is presently limited to $25.00 every month.

Here, you get uphold for up to 25,000 visits for each month, one site, 10GB of capacity, and 50GB of data transmission.

Likewise included are things, for example, admittance to Evercache, mechanized SSL authentications, and a couple of more highlights.


  • A stage above Startup, Growth accompanies highlights for developing business. Its typical cost is $115.00 every month (whenever paid yearly) however is right now just $95.83 every month.
  • This arrangement offers help for up to 100,000 visits for each month, ten sites, 20GB of capacity, and 200GB of transfer speed.
  • On the head of that, you additionally approach all the highlights accessible to Startups with the option of every minute of everyday telephone to uphold and imported SSL testaments.


  • Scale, which is prepared to deal with a higher limit in each perspective. It is right now evaluated at $241.67 every month (whenever paid yearly); however, its typical cost is $290.00 every month.
  • Here, there is uphold for up to 400,000 visits for every month, 30 sites, 50GB of capacity, and 500GB of transfer speed. With respect to the extra highlights, you approach all the highlights accessible to Growth.


  • Finally, WP Engine likewise offers Custom for huge organizations and “strategic destinations.” As the name proposes, the arrangement will be tweaked to your requirements. Here, you need to call a WP Engine agent so as to continue.
  • The estimating will, obviously, differ in like manner. One thing is without a doubt: it is unquestionably going to cost you an impressive entirety of cash as WP Engine is a premium WordPress have with premium highlights.

Decision :

In the event that you have a financial plan for it, WP Engine is totally worth a second look with its strong highlights.

Be that as it may, be that you have no requirement for extravagant accessories, then again, our recommendation is to go for one of them to some degree more ‘standard’ (and less expensive) has, for example, SiteGround and DreamHost. If you searching best hosting in dubai then Check it Best Hosting in Dubai

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