Best Fastcomet Vs Siteground Comparison 2023

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Key Aspects Of Fastcomet Vs Siteground Comparison 2023

Do you want to select a web host company or still not found? Do you want to select from FastComet Vs SiteGround and be confused despite comparing them?? If one of the answers is yes, then you are right place. A lot of factors go into choosing a web hosting company, in this guest post, you will find a discussion of most of them. Indeed, you have come across different reviews and you are not sure what to select.

There is no wonder that many people end up choosing the wrong web hosting company, which leads them to an unpleasant experience. If you select the wrong host for your company, most probably you will end up with the fancy digital paperweight, not with the website you need.

The impact of a bad website on the business in this digitalization era is immense, there is no need to elaborate. If you are confused about choosing one from the FastComet Vs SiteGround, you should go through the entire piece of the discussion. FastComet was founded in 2010 but expanded in 2013. While SiteGround was founded in 2004 So after testing both companies, following the differences:

Fastcomet Vs Siteground: Popularity And Website Speed

If we talk about the popularity of both so SiteGround has more popularity. FastComet is the new company which is why not popular as the other one.

Website speed is really important; it can make your customer dissatisfied if not facilitated well. So make sure that your website is not taking much time to facilitate the customer as they want. In the context of website speed, SiteGround is very fast while fastComet is just fast. SiteGround is considered a winner.

Fastcomet Vs Siteground: Uptime And Security

We are well aware of The importance of security for the company website. Both are highly reliable in terms of uptime, as both offer a guaranteed 99.99%uptime. When uptime was tested for both, SiteGround achieved the same as they guarantee but fast comet achieves an uptime of 99.98%. there is just a slight difference so both are quite reliable while SiteGround is still better.

both are highly secure in terms of security so one can have both factors well no matter what the company chooses between them.

Fastcomet Vs Siteground: Customer Support And UA Interface

SiteGround is successfully taken an innovative approach for web hosting, known for the top quality services and hardware. To ensure the providing outstanding performances to the customers, they have their super cache and use SSD drives & NGINX web server tech. Also, they provide free CDN cloud-free. All these factors have been observed by FastComet also. So they both are on the same pitch.

Having strong customer support is so important but both web hosting companies have excellent expertise in customer support. Also, the UA interface is the same for SiteGround and fast come. You can trust both of them fully for customer support and UA interface because both are at the same level.

Fastcomet Vs Siteground: Insights Of Prices, Plan, And Features

You must have decided your budget range for having your website hosting company. SiteGround and fastComet, both offer different packages at different prices. No matter you are looking to host a small website or you need space for a larger website, SiteGround has a plan for you;

there are 3 major plans available at SiteGround based on different services, and these are the startup plan, Grow big plan and the Gogeek plan.

The startup plan is designed for an average-sized website, with less than 10,000 different visitors per month. Also, it includes 24/7 technical support, a free CMS install, an unlimited email account, free Cloudflare and free website builder, and so on. This plan cost for $3.95 per month.

The grow big plan is designed to host unlimited websites, whether multiple websites with average traffic or a single website with heavy traffic. It costs around $6.45 per month.

The GoGeek plan is designed for average-sized e-commerce sites and larger websites. It ensures better performance

With the comparison of SiteGround, the fastComet price range is cheaper. They have different packages fulfilling different needs. The major 3 plans are Fastcloud plan, fast cloud plus, and fast cloud extra.

The fast cloud plan is designed to offer a free domain for a year, unmetered traffic, and 15GB of SSD space. But you can host only one website in this plan

Same as SiteGround, Fastcomet’s fast cloud plus plan offers to host multiple websites and features 25GB of SSD space. This plan also includes a free private DNS, 1-Click Restore Manager, unlimited add-on domains, 3 free website transfers, double the CPU and RAM, and so on. The cost of this plan is $5.95 per month.

The fast cloud extra is designed to offer 35GB of SSD space with all the features provided by the other plans. This also includes 3 times fewer clients per server, APC and Opcode cache, 3 times the CPU power and RAM, and so on. The cost of this plan is $9.95 per month.


In The Nutshell

After all the testing and comparison of FastComet Vs SiteGround, SiteGround is considered a better hosting choice than Fastcomet. as SiteGround is more popular, faster, and offers better scalability to every scale of the website. But if we look at the price range, FastComet is a better choice, because it offers a better value for money. The discussion that has been done in this guest post can be done for how do I create a Wikipedia page for myself. If you want it so kindly share it in the comment box so our new article can come on this topic.

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