Advantages of Akoya Oxygen real estate, Dubai

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Advantages of Akoya Oxygen real estate, Dubai

Dubai is the leader in real estate sales in the UAE. 2021 was a record year, with a nearly 72% increase in transactions. The cost growth for some properties has reached 110%. This indicates an increased interest in real estate in Dubai.  Most foreign nationals consider it as an investment.  There are many areas in the emirate where housing is popular and in demand. Today we will consider the advantages of a young but rapidly developing community. Akoya Oxygen in Dubai is a new symbol of an elite lifestyle. While the area is under active development, this is an opportunity to save on investments and get a net profit when apartments for sale in Dubai are put into operation.

Why it is worth considering a property for sale in Dubai in Akoya Oxygen

The district claims to be the most environmentally friendly area in the emirate. The lush green environment coexists with the atmosphere of an elite resort. The largest developer of the metropolis is engaged in the construction of this area. The developer Damac Properties operates under a master plan, which provides not only a modern golf course and premium real estate but also numerous green areas, including a rainforest, artificial reservoirs, a lot of restaurants, areas for family recreation, and children’s games. The community is located in the southern part of Dubai, and the central areas are about a 40-minute drive away. The district has the following advantages:

  • Secluded and quiet lifestyle, away from the tourist flow.
  • Developed infrastructure and high-quality real estate made of modern materials and energy-saving technologies.
  • Affordable cost of housing. While construction is underway, and the area is not so popular as, for example, Palm Jumeirah, so you can profitably buy houses or flats in Dubai.

Another advantage is diverse housing offers. There are a lot of options to choose from. The types of real estate depend on the location.

What properties do real estate agencies in Dubai offer?

The district is divided into 25 sub-communities. Eight of them will be put into operation in the near future. In total, the project offers 10,015 villas, land plots for independent development, and residential complexes with apartments totaling 1,230 units. Among the apartments you can find both studio apartments and spacious penthouses, duplexes, and apartments with several bedrooms. Fitness centers, swimming pools, shops, fast food outlets will be available for owners of apartments and villas for sale in Dubai. The social sphere is also well-developed – there are kindergartens and educational institutions.

The cost of property in Dubai in Akoya Oxygen

Prices for off-plan properties for sale in Dubai depend on the area and number of rooms:

  • studio apartments cost $65,000 or more;
  • the initial price of a 1-bedroom apartment is $136,000;
  • 3-bedroom apartments have a price of $237,000.

The price of villas starts from $274,000 for the most small-scale project. Detailed information about prices for off-plan projects in Dubai is available on the website

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