7 Proven Ways to Bring Heavy Traffic to Your Site

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7 Proven Ways to Bring Heavy Web Traffic to Your Website

Every day a staggering percentage of new domain names are registered online, but they go down in a year or so. Ever wondered why? Failure to bring traffic is to blame!

Think about it. If nobody knew Spectrum Internet plans could be bought online, no one would browse Spectrum’s website to buy their internet services. Without traffic, you are nobody. It’s simple math. A website that doesn’t have visibility never to attract visitors. Competitors take over, and you are crushed. To operate a successful business, drive sales, and increase your bottom line, you must create a plan for bringing web traffic.

Here are some tried and tested techniques to flood your site with the right traffic:

7 Effective Ways to Increase Web Traffic

1: Optimize Your Content With LSI Keywords

Hands down, SEO is the best technique for driving traffic to a website. SEO strategies keep on changing every year as Google’s algorithm receives an update. hence, there is no cookie-cutter size fit.

One of the most powerful SEO techniques is to use the right keywords to make Google understand your content. Here, you shouldn’t just use any keywords, but LSI keywords. These are the phrases and words related to the target keyword. Google loves the content that contains LSI keywords.

Not sure what are the LSI for your niche? Use the LSI Graph. It’s free.

2: Up Your Content Karrot Game

Content is the king! Hence your site must have killer content. To make sure traffic lands on your website, creating content similar to what’s already working. The best way to find out what content is getting the most traffic is by looking at the top-performing landing pages and web content.

Suppose you have a tech website where you publish reviews of the latest smartphones, gadgets, how-to tutorials, and more. Find top blogs that are posting content similar to yours. See which of their posts are performing well and create similar content.

3: Laser Target the Interest of Your Visitors

Another smart way of increasing web traffic is to identify your visitors’ interests and tailor your content to their interest.

To find your potential customers or blog visitor’s interest, use the power of demographics and interests reports from MonsterInsights. You must install it on your WordPress blog to check the insights from the dashboard and see your audience’s interests.

Once you know your visitors’ interests, it gets easier to create content that catches their attention.

4: Use Paid Ads

This is a very obvious approach to boosting web traffic. It’s like turning on a faucet of leads. Before using paid advertising, make sure your sales funnel is on point. Once the funnel is ready, attracting the right audience to your site and converting them into leads and buyers will be a piece of cake.

5: Tap into the Power of Social Media

Each social media platform has a fair share to play in bringing traffic to a website. Be sure to use all social media platforms for the magic to happen. For instance, by using relevant hashtags with images on Instagram, you could get your followers’ attention and bring them to your website. Make sure you use three value posts and one promotional post on Instagram to drive web traffic.

Brands are heavily using Snapchat to increase their sales. See if it’s relevant to your website and start utilizing it. If you have a blog, promote your content on LinkedIn.

6: Create Lead Magnets

Think about a lead magnet you can offer to your target audience. This could be an eBook, a software trial, a cheat sheet, or any other idea.

Lead magnets work wonders in increasing the brand awareness for whatever product or service you are selling. Make sure whatever you are giving away as a lead magnet is consumable. It shouldn’t be more than 30 minutes.

7: Get Active on Reddit

Tap into the power of Reddit. Create an account and get active by posting content and commenting on other’s posts. Start slowly by building rapport. Once people find you credible, you can start promoting your website in subtle ways. However, don’t oversell yourself, or it won’t work.


Whatever formula you are using to drive traffic to your website won’t work overnight. It can take 6 months to a year for bringing traffic organically, but once it does, it’s for the long-term.

So once your marketing strategy to increase web traffic is in place, sit back and wait for the results. Meanwhile, keep applying the best practices.

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