WordPress Vs Custom HTML: Which is Better?

WordPress Vs Custom HTML: Which is Better?

The design of web pages using CMS (content management system) and mainly WordPress is increasingly popular, and the number of websites created using this open source content manager is increasing compared to other similar options such as Wix or Weebly. But, is it really the most convenient for our business?

Which One is Best?

Ask yourself questions such as: Do I need to update content frequently? Do I value economy or functionality more? Do I prefer ease VS quality? Do my needs adapt to a predefined template design? Do I want to evolve as an online business? If you want to consult an experienced website developer in India, you can contact Laravel Development Company.

Which is Cost Effective?

The choice of developing a website using a CMS or choosing to create a custom website in HTML5 with the needs of my project depends on factors such as:

The option of creating web pages with WordPress is usually cheaper, and may be the most appropriate for small companies that want to show their portfolio of jobs or services, and easily maintain an active blog. It also allows the introduction of functionalities through external or third-party plugins for the elaboration, for example, of online stores, electronic newsletters or to improve the natural positioning (SEO). The list of plugins is very extensive and with several options for the same objective. However, it must be taken into account that just as the use of CMS and its plugins facilitate some things, they also limit us in different aspects and many other things (such as Positioning).

Which is Better in Terms of Appearance?

When using CMS and its plugins, we must be aware that the structure and design will not vary or differ much from other websites made with the same tools. Therefore, investing in custom website development is still a far better option. You can get in touch with Website Development India to help yourself get a unique and amazing website for yourself.

The conceptual design and programming will be almost impossible, since both the design and the programming must adapt to the possibilities offered by the CMS.

Another aspect that will be very limited is the user experience, since when designing and programming under the same CMS structure it depends solely on the developer of the content manager, the actions that the user may have on the website and on the website. User again will be limited to the possibilities that the CMS offers. Another thing that is still important to take into account, despite the fact that there is a plugin for this, is SEO positioning.

Does it Affects SEO?

Organic positioning in search engines like Google is of vital importance for any website, as this helps to generate more traffic to the website. Although SEO can be configured through a plugin, this configuration will never have the same impact as a configuration made in the source code of the website, because only the fact of having a website developed in CMS is already penalized by Google. One last limitation to consider is that CMS generally have compatibility problems with plugins and between them, this when developing a website can mean a real headache.

Although the advantages offered by CMS are not few, in many cases the client’s requirements and the need to handle and structure complex and varied information, makes the option of HTML5 and CSS the most appropriate option, due to all the limitations that have been described above.

Advantages of a Custom Web Development

  1. Exclusive design

Run away from the template structure

  1. Simple content management

Upgrade without additional training with interfaces

  1. Security

Peace of mind without plugins

  1. Loading speed

Resulting in natural positioning

  1. Flexible structure

Unlimited web growth

  1. Web positioning (SEO)

More efficient and effective web positioning for Google

One of the features of WordPress is the abundance of plugins (programs for expanding functions).

Usually, programming knowledge is required to add various functions to a home page. With plugins, you don’t have to do any difficult programming, so you can easily set up breadcrumbs, create forms, embed videos, embed shopping carts, and more.

However, some plugins will not work without detailed settings .

Some plugins do not support Japanese, and if you use multiple plugins, they may not work depending on the combination.

WordPress is free to use

In order to display the homepage on a browser such as Chrome or Safari, you need to prepare a server or domain yourself, but the WordPress system itself can be downloaded for free, and you can use it no matter how many you use. There isn’t .

There is a free homepage creation service that charges you if you set your own domain, but WordPress can be used for free even if you use your own domain.

The cost of creating a homepage using WordPress is about the server fee and the original domain fee

Now you know which is best for you from HTML or WordPress and we hope you have liked our article. Thanks for coming here and spending your time with us.


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