Where to Put Handles on Kitchen Cabinets

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The decision to place handles on Kitchen Cabinets is imperative for a woman. Just imagine that the placement is not proper, and you find yourself helpless when you want to open a cabinet for something. Maybe it is in the middle of the upper cabinet, and you have to grab a chair every time to open the cabinet.

Believe me! It is not an easy thing for a housewife.

Why do we build our homes? The answer is simple because we need a comfortable place for ourselves. So, why not create a home that you never want to leave – have all the luxuries and details to bring the aesthetics of a room together. When we talk about cabinets, hardware is the jewelry of your home.

Furthermore, cabinets are wonderful and cost-effective hardware to update the kitchen space. Whether you are buying them for a brand new home or remodeling an existing one, or you are just replacing the old hardware with something new and fun. The important thing is to make sure that your final design is stunning.

Not to mention, the placement of knobs does not add much beauty but is equally important. So, before we go any further and determine the best cabinet knob placement, let’s discuss some basic hardware options.

Types of Cabinetry Hardware


Knobs are one of the most common types of cabinet hardware. There is no doubt that it is an affordable and suitable place for doors as well as drawers. Furthermore, they are straightforward to install as they require only one screw.

Cabinet knobs have come a long way, some of the people think that it is traditional. They also believe that there is no wow factor to them. You can find some cheap cabinet knobs and Handle in Knobline website.

I assure you that’s not the case anymore.


Pulls are another cabinet hardware-like knobs. One of the best things- they’re easy to grab, have clean lines and come in different sizes. People usually use them for lower cabinets and knobs for lower cabinets. It is not compulsory as you can use them for both upper and lower cabinets to create a modern look.

Enough about some of the cabinet hardware, now let’s discuss their placement.

Where Should Cabinet Knobs Be Placed?

Well, they can be placed on drawers and doors. You can mount them on the door stile- placed on the opposite side of the hinge, typically 2.5” to 3”.

When it comes to drawers, you can place them in the middle of the drawer panel. But if you are concerned about the look, you can position them in the center of the drawer horizontally. But if the drawer is 24” or wider, then we will recommend adding two knobs. We will also recommend adding them on the left and right sides of the drawer.

Where Should Cabinet Pulls or Cup Pulls Be Place?

Generally, the best placement for installing cup pulls, or cabinet pulls is as same as installing knobs. You see, things are straightforward when it comes to placement.

If you want to place them on the doors, the process is straightforward as it requires only one screw. But if you are going to install cup pulls, or finger pulls, it requires two screws. If you don’t use two screws, they will rotate or wiggle and damage your cabinet. If it is under 24”, you can install them in the middle of the drawer. It is the best place to get a clean finished look. If the drawer is 24” or wider, you have to install a second pull. For this, you need to divide the drawer into thirds and place both of them on the right and left positions. You also need to keep in mind, unlike knobs, pulls come in various lengths. So, instead of installing two, you can install one oversized pull that best fits the drawer’s width.

Where Should Tab, Finger pulls, or edge be placed?

The installing tab, edge, or finger pulls are a little bit different from knobs and pulls.

When it comes to finger pulls, you can install them in line with the corner edge of the door. For upper cabinets, you can mount them at the bottom corner of the door.

When it comes to the drawers, you should install them on the top edge of the drawer. In the case of tab pulls, we usually recommend installing them in the center for long-term functionality.


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