When playing NBA 2K21, there are Five Mistakes that Everyone Makes

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When playing NBA 2K21, there are Five Mistakes that Everyone Makes


NBA 2K21 is by no means a simple game, particularly for those who are unfamiliar with sports franchises. What blunders should both newcomers and seasoned veterans avoid?

NBA 2K21, the most recent installment in the 2K Games basketball franchise, has a large number of players traveling to virtual arenas to compete in games of basketball. Because most sports have been disrupted in some way or another as a result of the pandemic, more fans than ever are turning to video games as a way to interact with their favorite teams.

Knowing how to avoid making mistakes in the first place makes it easier to make improvements later on in life. Players will find themselves thriving on the court in NBA 2K21 if they have gained some knowledge along the way.


  1. Not putting in enough shooting practice

Player’s who want to be successful in basketball should practice their shooting skills on a daily basis, just like professional basketball players do. To differentiate it from previous games, NBA 2K21 features a new shot counter that requires some precision work with the Pro Stick in order to get it exactly correct.

It takes some time to perfect the timing, so players should make an effort to practice regularly. Additionally, completing shooting challenges in MyCourt allows players to earn free virtual currency (VC), which is extremely valuable in the game, cheap NBA 2K21 MT also can get from AOEAH.com.


  1. Keep the fire gauge open at all times

Many players have reported that keeping the new Shot Meter turned on in the game actually makes timing more difficult because it is a bit distracting on the screen while shooting. It also has more resemblance to previous games in the series, making it more enjoyable for those who have been playing for a long time. Players can find the scoring option by scrolling down the main menu.


  1. Not knowing where the best players are

While Steve Kerr is well-known for having one of the best 3-pointers in the game, Jose Calderon is widely considered to be the best free throw shooter in history. Each of these players has their own set of strengths and weaknesses on the court, and NBA 2K21 takes these characteristics into account.

As a result, knowing each player’s hot spots is critical to getting the most out of any team in 2K21. The developers of 2K21 decided to concentrate on improving the game’s hot spots. Using practice mode will help you develop some muscle memory about where to shoot, which will help you score more consistently in the future.


  1. A sloppy attempt

Players who attempt to shoot while playing with a tight defense will be disappointed if they completely miss the ball. Clean shots are essential because the person in the background of the controller can see the basket and the players on the court are unable to put their bodies in the way of the controller.

When hitting L1/LB, friendly players will be required to provide a screen, which can make a clean shot much more difficult.


  1. Do not make a public statement

The best offense is a good defense, so it’s critical to understand how to avoid getting caught in this situation in order to keep shooting. In this position, pressing the L2/LT keys will place the player in front of the defender with his back to him.

It also serves to push defenders back, which allows them to shoot more quickly, especially when there are strong players on the floor. Just be careful, because defenders can also use the same button to increase the intensity of their own defense.

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