What Is a Universal Product Code (UPC)?

UPCs are greater than plain barcodes– these comprehensive item numbers enable you to market to various other services. Below’s what you require to understand.

Thinking about broadening your service to consist of B2B sales? Wish to market your items on an on-line industry like Amazon.com? You’ll require global item codes (or UPCs) for your things if so.

UPC barcodes aren’t simply a collection of arbitrary figures. UPC numbers are very certain, as well as they have to be special.

What is a UPC code?

UPC numbers are 12-digit numerical codes that are appointed to details items. These codes are global, so they follow your item throughout merchants. That implies anybody can check your UPC, and also it’ll sign up as your item.

UPCs are likewise unique, implying each product in your directory will certainly require its very own distinct UPC code– also variations of a thing (like a Tee shirts in 5 various shades).

UPCs are managed by the GS1 United States, part of a global criteria company that preserves the standards for item recognition as well as enrollment. Since the GS1 United States belongs to a global company, that likewise suggests your UPC can be made use of as a worldwide profession identification number (GTIN) or European post number (EAN)– beneficial if your business does a great deal of worldwide profession. You can also Buy UPC codes to ease your process.

Composition of a GS1 UPC code

Every number in a UPC code suggests something.

The initial 6 to 9 figures of a UPC are your GS1 firm prefix: a distinct identifier appointed to your service by the GS1. It instantly comes to be the initial string of numbers in all your UPCs when you obtain a GS1 firm prefix.

The following 2 to 5 figures of your UPC depend on you, however a lot of firms make use of component or every one of their very own inner SKU numbers. This permits you to even more conveniently link your UPC number to your inner item identifiers.

The last figure of the UPC is your check number. This number is computed based upon all the various other figures in your UPC making use of a formula (though it’s typically best to make use of the cost-free GS1 check figure calculator to guarantee it’s right). This basically makes certain that none of your UPCs are ever before the exact same.

What a UPC isn’t.

UPC icons resemble routine barcodes, so brand-new local business owner usually obtain their UPCs blended with various other vital item numbers, like SKUs, ASINs, and also producer codes. Right here’s a short review of just how these codes are various from UPCs.


Some companies decide to publish their SKUs on their UPC tags for simpler inner item recognition. You can also establish up your supply system to immediately convert your UPC barcode right into your item SKU number (if you favor to determine items by their SKU).

Everything about those SKUs?

For more information concerning these inner item numbers, have a look at our full overview to SKUs. You can additionally review our full failure of UPCs vs. skus to obtain even more details concerning exactly how these numbers vary.


Brief for Amazon.com basic identification number, an ASIN is an inner item number utilized solely by Amazon.com. In many cases, the ASIN might be a derivation of your item’s UPC, yet not constantly.

Supplier code.

Suppliers typically identify the items they develop with unique product referral numbers, usually called producer codes. These numbers permit makers to determine their items (despite where they’re utilized or offered), track set numbers, and also identify the parts utilized to develop the product. These numbers are valuable for suppliers, however they ought to have no bearing on your item’s UPC.

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When do you require a UPC?

The major advantage of a UPC is that it follows your item regardless of where it’s offered. That notes your item as your copyright as well as permits customers to map your items back to you. As well as given that a UPC can be acknowledged by any kind of stock system, it makes it less complicated to move your things to one more seller.

As a whole, we advise obtaining UPCs for your items anytime you prepare to offer them outside your retail company. UPC codes are called for since Amazon.com utilizes your UPC to promptly and also quickly check in your things if you’re an Amazon.com vendor.

Even if you’re not intending to offer your things outside your very own service, we still believe UPCs are a rewarding financial investment. UPCs secure your retail goods so various other business can not buy up your supply, re-sell it, as well as attract clients far from your company.

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