What Happens If You Wear Eyeliner Everyday?

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Although advertisements show eyeliners as a daily use product, it is very reasonable to avoid them at times. Take a break from the eyeliners and heavy cosmetics such as eyeshadows, concealers on your skin round the clock. Wearing light makeup whenever possible for the safety of your eyes and skin is an alternative. Yet if you choose to not do so, then for better results mainly choose the smudge-proof -waterproof eyeliner. These stay longer than usual, without the need for reapplications under harsh conditions.

An experiment in your makeup techniques with or without eyeliners to give some time to rebound from the beautification, breathe and restore its prior eye condition. If you want to outline your eyes every day, then it is essential to choose these eye cosmetics with care. They should be devoid of harsh chemicals such as talc, sulfates, lead, phthalates, too many preservatives, etc. Use certified products that are tested and found safe for the eyes. These may include organic colorants, essential oils that reduce the effect of the blended chemicals for a smoother finish, easier application. 

The Everyday Problems

Now here are certain things to consider if you use eyeliners daily.  

  1. Using an excess of the same may cause allergies, sensitivity to light, redness, and swelling discharge releasing eyes. 
  2. Eye infections can be on the rise for using the eyeliners for longer periods of time. It is ideal to use the eyeliner before it crosses the date of expiry. Two to three months is the safe zone of its use after which it can harbor bacterial and fungal growth, as it comes in contact with your facial skin and eyelashes.
  3. Even though it is a personal choice to apply it daily or not, using them on special days when you cannot do away with it reduces the risk of eye complications later on.

Do not rub your eyes with fingers or use the fist to get rid of itches. The smudge-proof-waterproof eyeliners are a great choice as they can take on mild rubs. Wash your eyes with clean water in splashing motions if the tingling sensation persists. Remove the eye cosmetics before hitting your bed to sleep the tiring day off. Use eye drops and eye moisturization products for preserving their delicate nature. That saves you from tired, red, and dry eyes that hurt on application of eyeliners. Know more about carthings

For beginners, it is suggested to start with simple lines and then develop them. That steers you away from wasting the eyeliner formula by swiping off some edges and curves of your eyes. As you know it is a very delicate region of your face. Must take care of it keeping this in mind. 

Everyday eye region beautification can be tiring for your eyes to keep up with this routine. Set apart some days to restore its liveliness. Avoid any kind of eye cosmetics. Your eyes need moisture and some cleansing eye drops to render great freshness. Eyeliners no doubt is the best definers of eye curves but daily usage can irritate your cornea and steal away the moisture from it.

Continuous usage of eyeliner can also increase the risk of eye infections and allergies which are very painful in nature. Any uneasiness should not be endured for the sake of your eyes. Keep blinking and restoring its beauty naturally along with the hues of eyeliners.

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