4 Best Tips To Deal With Water Leaks From Roof In Heavy Rain

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I know you also like the rainy season like any other person and you also love to either watching raining outside from the window. Or even you like to take a quick bath in the rain as well. But what about the water leaks from the roof or the walls during rain?

It is a very difficult situation for many homeowners if they have water leaks during the heavy rain. During the rain, if the water is dripping into the home from the ceiling, people get confused and they don’t understand what to do and how to do it. If the water leak is in the room which has good and expensive interior designing, expensive electric devices and furniture then the condition is even more wors.

Here I have a short guide for you that can help you in dealing with the water leaks from the leaking roof during heavy rain. You should not panic after watching water dripping into the room, instead, you have to follow these simple tips:

Collect Dripping Water In a Bucket

The first thing that you have to do is to use an empty plastic bucket to collect the water that is entering your room from the leaking roof. It is good if you have a bucket of at least 5 gallons. Keep that bucket exactly on the spot from where water leaks.

This is very important to save your wooden floor, furniture, electric gadgets, and other interiors from damage due to exposure to the water. If you don’t do this, you will have to face a heavy loss.

Remove Any Water in Room or From Furniture

Now, when you are collecting the water in the bucket and no water is falling onto the floor or on the furniture in the room, it time to clean the room from rainwater. Take a simple water sweeper or that can help you to remove the water from the floor. Make sure that you clean the floor completely by sweeping the water outside with the help of a sweeper.

You can also use a mop to dry all the water that is collected on the floor of the room. If you don’t do this, your wooden floor might get damaged or if you have floor tiling, there could be cracks in the tile joints.

Now, take a dry towel and clean your furniture. If you see water droplets or wet spots on the furniture, mattress sofa cushions, clean all those watermarks and water droplets from the furniture. It is dangerous for the wooden furniture.

Now, if you had any electric gadgets like a mobile or laptop which also exposed to water, make sure that these are turned off. If the gadgets are on, the motherboard could short circuit. So turn these devices as soon as possible and don’t turn them on until they are fully dry.

Detect Spot From Where Water Leaks

Now when you have cleaned the interior and also collecting water in the bucket, your home is safe. Now you can detect the exact spot from where the roof is leaking and water is dripping inside.

The detection of water leaks is very important. If you don’t know where is the leak, you can’t fix it. To detect the exact spot, you need to first notice where the water is coming into the room. And then get an idea what will be the location on the roof.

Now you have to go to the top of the roof, if possible obviously, and should find a crack in the roof, or a small hole might be there. If you find a small hole, you can fill this gap with clothes or other such material that can slow down the water flow from that hole.

If you see cracks in the floor, then you should try to arrange some soil quickly from the garden or from the planters and should put that soil after covering the cracks with a cloth. It will stop the water from entering the room, and the clothes under the soil will stop the soil to make a bud in the room as well.

Fix The Leaking Roof

If you know the home improvement tips and you are a good DIYer, then you can fix the leaking roof yourself. Just go to your storage room and find the DIY kit that can be used to fix the leaking roof.

In case you don’t know how to fix it, then it is the right time to call an experienced contractor who can detect the water leaks and can fix the leaking roof. Make sure that you fix the leak as soon as possible and don’t leave it until you again stuck in such a situation.

Another free bonus tip is that do a frequent plumbing inspection at least once after every two months and check if there are any leaks or signs of water leaks. Normally, the signs of water leaks are wet spots on the walls, peeling paints, cracks in the foundation of the floor, excessive moisture in the house, mold formation, and damp surfaces around a cemented floor.

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