Why Do You Need a VPN?

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Hey Geeks! Do you have an idea what is VPN service and why actually we people require this? The increased data breaches that are recorded on daily basis are now a major reason to use Virtual Private Networks. This also applies to normal internet usage when it is used by the ordinary internet user. Hence, due to all these data breaches, it is now a big concern in people’s minds to self-aware ourselves and to maintain privacy while they’re online. VPN is a highly recommended service for people who needs high privacy and security for hiding their data, and most importantly their IP address from getting tracked by showing the fake IP and fake name. So if you want to browse safely without allowing hackers to track your browsing information and sites to track your IP address, then you must use VPN or Virtual Private Network as it is the best option for saving your data from getting leaked.

What do we understand by VPN?

VPN completely known as Virtual Private Network is a type of service that lets your browsing history a mystery that is unable to fetch. VPN or Virtual Private Network does masking on your IP address and provides you a unique address by identifying your device. It will encrypt everything like your internet traffic, data requests from the server, even the data that comes to your device. Hence, in this way, this is a mystery to breachers who willingly want to breach your data for the sake of money.

Now there comes a question – From where the requested data appear to come from? Well! The data appears to come from the remote servers which are provided to you that mask your real IP Address. So, we can simply say that the VPN can able to hide your personal data, web histories, web spending habits, geographic location, and other device activities. VPN or Virtual Private Network helps you to secure your data, browsing information and personal details to get tracked by hackers and websites. Virtual Private Network also hides your real IP address to fake your identity so that you can browse securely.

Why Would You Need to Use a VPN?

Although we have discussed some of the reasons that help you to know why we need Virtual Private Network there are numerous other reasons that you can know to enlist the services of a VPN company. Given below are some situations that help to know the usage of a Virtual Private Network.

  • There is a special guard provided by the VPNs for hacking, digital threats, malware attacks, and several other identity thefts.
  • In the case of public Wi-Fi in airports, the case of hacking is the most so in that case one can use a VPN’s.
  • In case you are making calls with Voice over IP (VOIP) then in that case, your phone conversations can’t be tracked.
  • Virtual Private Network is the best for streaming. While streaming, all we require is fast network
  • It includes everything you may need.
  • It also provides you high security for keeping your traffic safe.
  • You can enjoy uploading and downloading on it very well with its myriad servers which allow you to enjoy super fast download speed.
  • The security system of the VPN and its services to keep your data safe only from you to your destination. Nobody in between can track or hack your information
  • Virtual Private Network’s services follows no data retention law and the government allow them to follow no-log policy which means VPN are not even required to collect your logs

The Bad Side of Using a VPN

Well, with all the descriptions you’ll get here in this content the VPN service may sound very perfect to you and for your internet security, but it has also some disadvantages. When you are using the Virtual Private Network’s services you can able to hide the information from your internet service provider but keep in mind that you can reveal your information in the VPN service provider’s hand.

You can’t trust VPN services completely. The major thing which feels a little unsafe while using the VPN is fear of downfall of VPN which usually happens when the network goes down or you loose the connection, when this happens the our data gets back to normal and trackers become able to track your details and browsing information. The service of VPN can be terminate anytime while you’re are using it or there can be a leak in DNS i.e, Domain Name Server. Although there are some smart features in VPNs to pause this leak like the kill switch, they also aren’t full proof. So, be careful while accessing any secure information. Although on the other hand, you can easily use this to access some common information without any hesitation.

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