5 Must Visit Places in India After Corona Pandemic is Over

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India is a beautiful country that has a lot of places to visit and you can find any type of place including beaches, deserts, green mountains, lakes, and much more. It is a paradise for frequent travelers and you need months of free time to visit the most famous places in entire India.

Unfortunately, India is badly affected by the Corona pandemic and it is among the top 10 affected countries in the world. Due to this pandemic, traveling to India is not a good option. But once this pandemic is over, India would be among the top countries that foreign travelers would love to travel to as their first

Though I can list down 100s of places that you should visit in India, but to be very picky, I will list down only 5 places that you must visit in India after the Corona pandemic gets over and traveling is safe.

Taj Mahal


Taj Mahal is the pride of Indian architecture and it is a sign of love. Taj Mahal is a masterpiece of art and it is a symbol of Muslim architects in the age of Mughal empires. The Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built this tomb in the love of his wife Mumtaz in 1632.

This beautiful white marble mausoleum is situated in the Indian city of Agra. Thousands of tourists visit this place on daily basis and there are so many foreign and local people who wanted to see this amazing artwork. The tomb of the Mughal Emporer Shah Jahans is also housed here in the Taj Mahal.

According to an estimate, the total cost to build the Taj Mahal at that time was around 32 million rupees of that time which if you calculate according to 2021, it would be around 70 billion rupees.

City of Goa

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India is known for the holy cities and big modern cities like Mumbai, New Dehli, and Kolkata, but with that, the cities like Goa is another taste for travelers. Goa is also known as the city of beaches as there are so many amazing because of golden sand.

The beaches along with the Arabian sea have different types of cultures and you can enjoy it any way you want. You can go to beaches which are good for family visits, or you can visit other visits to hang out with friends and buddies.

Other than beaches, the beautiful city of Goa has so many other attractions. Like you can visit Fort Aguada which is a great piece of architect and depicts Portuguese architecture. You can visit TrueHab to check your favorite Goa tour packages.

The famous Dudhsagar Waterfalls also situated in the city of Goa which is a great attraction for many tourists. A lot of tourists visit Goa to see the beauty of Dudhsagar Waterfalls instead of the beaches of Goa.

City of Kolkata


Kolkata is the second-largest city in India that has a lot of attractions for tourists. The city has some old buildings of the British empire that adds more value to the beauty of this modern city.

The largest Museum of India is called the Indian Museum and it is situated in the city of Kolkata. The Indian Museum is the 9th largest Museum in the world. You can find the Egyptian mummies in this Museum and you can also witness the ancient sculptures in this museum. It is also called Jadughar.

It has so many other attractions, like Victoria Memorial which is in the center of the city and the main point of tourism in Kolkata. The building was built in the name of Queen Victoria and now it is converted into a museum.

I would advise getting the help of a Kolkata travel agent if you want to enjoy your tour to this beautiful city Kolkata.


Ladakh Visit

For those who love the natural beauty and adventurous places, Ladakh is the ideal destination for them to enjoy their visit to India. Ladakh is a must-visit place in India that has beautiful lakes and meadows, barren mountains, ancient colorful Buddhist monasteries, high mountains, and much more.

An adventure like mountain biking is a special activity that you can do in Ladakh along with motorbiking. River rafting is another adventurous activity that you can do in the beautiful lakes of Ladakh.

The largest National park of India can also be found in Ladakh that has a variety of wildlife and also you can see different ranges of high mountains of India in Ladakh.



Rajasthan is also called the land of the golden sand and it is a beautiful part of India. The meaning of Rajasthan in English is the land of the kings. Rajasthan is known for its great brave Rajputana or Rajput rulers.

Deserts are amazing in Rajasthan and you can enjoy the safari tour here. Rajasthan is also called the Paris of India because it has so many colorful buildings and a lot of jewelry shops.

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